How to hide files inside images

Though this is very old trick but i can't stop myself from sharing it with you.This trick will enable you to hide your files into a single image.This process is performed in DOS mode and this is quite different from hidetext .

1. Gather all the files that you wish to hide in a folder anywhere in your PC (e.g. C:\hide).
2. Now, add those files in a RAR archive (e.g. secret.rar). This file should also be in the same directory (C:\hide).
3. Now, look for a simple JPEG picture file (e.g. techinnews.jpg). Copy/Paste that file also in C:\hide.
4. Now, open Command Prompt (Go to Run and type ‘cmd‘). Make your working directory C:\hide.

5. Now type: “COPY /b techinnews.jpg + secret.rar output.jpg” (without quotes) - Now, techinnews.jpg is the picture you want to show, secret.rar is the file to be hidden, and output.jpg is the file which contains both.

6. Now, after you have done this, you will see a file output.jpg in C:\hide. Open it (double-click) and it will show the picture you wanted to show. Now try opening the same file with WinRAR, it will show the hidden archive.

If used properly this trick is very effective Steganography trick.

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My 15 must have windows softwares

Almost all computer users who spent most of the time in front of their systems has a typical pattern of their software uses.Most of them installs a set of softwares on their systems each and every time they install operating system.These software falls in the category of MUST HAVE softwares for that particular user.Here is my list of must have softwares for Microsoft windows xp/vista (I have dual boot).

1:For security:Kaspersky Internet security

There are a lot of quality free Antivirus software out there, but this has been one area where I am not willing to take risk by opting for a free alternative. I’ve had bad experience using some of the free alternatives and even some of the paid ones such as Norton gave me a lot of trouble.

Kaspersky takes the least amount of memory and CPU and also does the best job when finding/detecting viruses. No wonder its rated in the top in almost all the Antivirus reviews.

Kaspersky Internet security has a lot of options which enables the user to use it efficiently and Internet security also includes the features of kaspersky antivirus.

2:Web browser:Mozilla FireFox (Too obvious)
Well its a much talked about issue and i prefer FireFox because of many many reasons like security,crash handling,freeware,tonnes of very productive plugins etc.Downloading link for FireFox is also provided on the top of Google custom search box in this page.

This is a shareware application, but I do have a registered copy of WinRar and its way better than WinZip. Especially while handling the CAB or the JAR files I find WinRar very useful. 7Zip is a free alternative if you don’t want to shell out money for WinRar.

4:Download manager :Internet download manager:
When it comes to download managers, you again have a lot of options like orbit,free DM etc.. I have tried most of them and have finally settled on Internet Download Manager. It has the nice user interface and does not run any Ads.

5:Feed manager :Feed demon:

I hate web based RSS readers, they are slow and UI is sluggish compared to the desktop based readers. Of the desktop based readers, I love Feed Demon for its simple yet powerful user interface and the synchronization feature.What more, its free and a must have if you don’t like Google Reader.For web based applications i prefer Google reader.

6:Media player:Vlc
This is mostly because i hate the inbuilt Windows Media Player.I end up seeing the “codec” error almost every time I play a video.

This is when VLC Media Player comes to my rescue.It’s a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, etc) as well as DVDs, VCD’s, and various streaming (RTSP) protocols.List of VLC media player keyboard short cuts.

7:IM client :Gtalk:
Google Talk is the only IM client that I use.Yes I’m done with Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.Google Talk is light on memory and has almost all the features I need from a IM client; presence, auto save chat history, sharing files etc. And I love the way it delivers IM even though I have logged in from more than one location.

8:Cleaner :CCleaner:

This application might not be required as soon as you re-install the OS, but does come in handy over the period of time. The default “Disk cleanup” feature in Windows does almost nothing compared to CCleaner And yes it does the cleanup work pretty fast too.It also cleans the registry and fixes the errors very fast.

9:Text editor:TextPad:
TextPad saves you the pain of installing an editor for every other file format.Want to open a CSS file, PHP file, HTML file, a properties file or even a file with no extension, TextPad comes in handy.You can also try equally weighted applications for this like Notepad++ and PSPad which are also nice.

10:Torrent client :µTorrent:

If you download a lot of stuff from torrent a lightweight Bit Torrent client is a must.Even though I don’t download much data from Torrent sites, I have used µTorrent a couple of times.

The install size is pretty small and even the memory usage is pretty low compared to the other BitTorrent clients.

11:PDF reader:PDF xchange viewer:

There are so many freeware are available for viewing PDF files but i prefer PDF xchange viewer.This small utility is very quick to respond,allows you to edit,mark,copy etc content.You can put stiky notes and it also remembers the last page when the files was closed.I use its portable version which is just a exe file and you just associate it with pdf files.No need to install and all that.

12:FTP client:Filezilla:

There are a lot of quality FTP clients for windows and I have settled on FileZilla for its simplicity. You have a site manager feature, if you do connect to a lot of different FTP servers and transferring of files between the server and client is damn easy (Even drag and drop onto the server is supported).

13:SFTP and SCP client:WinSCP:
WinSCP is a free SFTP and SCP client for Windows. Unlike FTP clients, there aren’t many quality clients out there supporting SCP on Windows. When I edit any of the files on my server I always do it via WinSCP. Editing a file on the server opens the same on a SCP editor and a save on the file automatically puts back the file on the server.

WinSCP also has come in handy for me to transfer files between my iPhone and the PC.The good thing about WinSCP is that it does come with a standalone version which can be copied and run from your USB drive.

14:Blog editor:Windows live writer:

Almost every blog writer has fell in love with this Microsoft product.Live Writer simplifies the task of writing and publishing posts.

15:File copy application:Tera copy:

Oh ! This is a awesome tool for windows user for copying files or transferring data in system.It replaces the default windows file copy system and copies the files very very fast and without over burdening the CPU.Its a very small application and it uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times and asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.It even allows you to pause and resume the file transfer.

This is my list what about yours?If you feel that your list is different then let me know by writing comments and if you like the post then feel free to stumble or digg it.

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Install windows xp in dual boot with preinstalled windows vista

Normally whenever we have to make our system dual boot with windows xp and windows vista then we usually install windows xp first and then install windows vista.What i mean to say is that we do not install windows xp over windows vista because after doing so we can't use windows vista,our system simply boots with only windows xp and we have no option to choose windows vista from boot meanu.

In case if you have windows vista installed on your system then you have to install windows xp first then windows vista again.But If you want to install windows xp on the computer without installing vista again means installing windows xp over vista without all this then you can use the shrink drive feature of vista so as to get a new drive on which you can install windows xp.

1. Boot in Vista and go to - right-click My Computer>>Manage>>Disk Management.
2. Right-click on the main Vista partition and select Shrink Volume.
3. Enter the shrink size and it will reduce the volume of the primary partition, leaving the rest of the disk free as unpartitioned space.
4. Now Boot Up with Windows Xp Setup Cd and simply install Windows Xp on the new unallocated partition.

5. Now you need to repair the vista boot loader as the bootloader will get corrupted and you will not need any software to do it.For this just use Bootsect.exe to restore the Windows Vista MBR and the boot code that transfers control to the Windows Boot Manager program.To do this, first go to run ans type cmd type the following command at a command prompt:

Drive:\boot\Bootsect.exe /NT60 All

In this command, Drive is the drive where the Windows Vista installation media is located.

6.Now simply boot up your windows xp/vista dual boot configuration system.This will show you two options windows vista and earlier version of windows.This is what we were trying to do.

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How major search engines deal with rel="nofollow" tag

As we know that nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring in the first place. This is very general idea about nofollow tag but do you know how does search engines deal with this.Here are the approaches of various search engines on nofollow tag.

Google : The Googlebot does not follow that link.That is supposedly their official statement, but experiments conducted by SEOs show conflicting results. They show instead that Google does follow the link, but does not index the linked-to page, unless it was in Google's index already for other reasons (such as other, non-nofollow links that point to the page).Links with "nofollow" are included in the backlinks reporting data at Google's Webmaster Central.

Yahoo : If Yahoobot find a link they make it available to their algorithms to find new content, whether it has a ‘no follow’ attribute or not. However, if the ‘no follow’ attribute is present, it means that no attribution is given to the target from the source of the link. : Ask have never officially supported No Follow, so this doen't apply to thier crawler/ranking.

Msn:Msn respects "nofollow" as regards not counting the link in their ranking, but it is not proven whether or not MSN follows the link.
This images is based on official statements of the search engines.

Sources :1 & 2. Image credit goes to first source.

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Search icons by top 4 icon search engines

We usually use Google or Yahoo (or whatever you like) search engine for searching normal stuff like searching any content,information,event,site,product but if we have to search images,torrent files,cracks,mp3,keygen etc. then we use specialized search engines dedicated to these item.But i am sure most of you still use Google or Yahoo for searching icons over internet.Shouldn't you use specialized search engine for searching icons.Yes we have search engine which are dedicated for searching icons over internet. This is one of the best Icon search engines available on the net currently. Its Ajax navigation makes it a breeze to find new icons. Each icon in the search results carries its tags, download link and License information. No need to scroll through pages to get download the icon, hit the download icon and the icon will be downloaded. Most of the icons are pretty and can be used in modern or web 2.0 designs. This is another search engine for icons, it also works well. Here you will get lot more icons to download but the results are not very well categoriesd, you will find unrelated icons grouped for certain keywords. the icons look old fashioned and not pretty. Lists the license information on a different page. This is a new entrant in this space, lists many icons. Most of the icons are good can be used for modern web design. Icons search results show the icon size, but to get the license and download information you need to go to the icon page. Searchicon has lot of inventory but again the search results contain unrelated items for certain keywords. It shows download, tags and license information but somehow these are not working.

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How To Enable Thumbnails For PSD (Photoshop) Files

Normally PSD (adobe Photoshop) files uses photoshop's icon even when you try to view thumbnail view.They generally don't show thumbnail view of the image. It might be very discouraging if you have to look for a particular image in a folder containing lots of PSD files.

For simplicity purpose you can enable the thumbnail view of adobe phothop's PSD images.This is quite simple, just follow these steps

1.Download psicon.dll in zip format from here.
2.Unzip it.(now you will have 3 files. psicon.dll, psicon.dll.reg and read me.txt)
3.Copy the psicon.dll to the following path:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell\

If adode directory does not have a shell folder then create it.

4. After copying, double click the psicon.dll.reg file and click yes when it ask are you sure to add ... this information into registry.
5. Click OK, for the info window that pops up to tell us that the registry key has been copied.

Go to any folder containing PSD files, and choose Thumbnails from the View menu. You should now be able to view the thumbnails for PSD files, just as you see thumbnails of .jpeg,.gif images.

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How to edit windows boot.ini file

Boot.ini file is among most important file in your system which tells the system how to boot and then load your operating system in to primary memory.So improper editing in this file may hamper your system's proper booting process.So avoid unnecessary editing of this file.If you look at the windows xp boot.ini file then you will find something like this.

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect

If you want to perform some kind of editing in this one of the most important file in your system then first of all you must at least a little bit knowledge about boot.ini file.Here is the short description about windows xp boot.ini file.

The First line [Boot loader] just states the Booting Process.

timeout=30 is the time that will be provided to you to select from the list of OS’s installed. This works only in case you have multiple OS’s installed. It can be reduced easily, but make sure you give enough time to react upon it. 10 Seconds is the appropriate time.

The third line says multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect. multi(0) tells us the IDE on which the drive is attached to. Usually its Primary only. disk(0) shows the number of Hard disks mounted. rdisk(0) tells us from which disk it is booting. In case of SCSI drives, it might not show up. partition(1) tell that on which Logical partition the OS is installed on.

After that it says “Microsoft Windows XP Professional” that is the name that shows up on the OS selection page. You can put your own name there as well.This was the editable part of Boot.ini file.

Mainly editing in booting file is done either for changing the name of operating system which appear during booting process or for changing the booting time.There are two simple ways for doing them

1:By using MSCONFIG:
Open run and type MSCONFIG then click on boot.ini tab and edit the name and whatever you want to edit.Editable parts are highlighted in red.

2.By using system properties:
Right click on my computer icon on desktop-->Properties then select advance tab and under that click on settings under startup and recovery and then edit the desired option.

Though this procedure is very simple but if you have any query regarding this process or you have another method for this then share it with us by comments.

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How google detects web spam

Google has been the most predominant company which has worked in detecting and preventing web spam(which includes email spam or any kind of cheating to promote their content on internet). Google has worked hard and hard and their result reflects that. Their advertisement program,their email application,Gmail all are a great success because they have been able to control web spam more effectively as compared to any other service provides.

People may be curious about how Google deal with the web spam.Matt cutts, a famous Google employee explains this web spamming detection and prevention technology of Google in this video.

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Amazing facts series about computers and internet part:3

As i promised in the previous amazing facts post that i will post amazing facts series regularly.So here is the third one.
  • Did you know that Domain registration was free until an announcement by the National Science Foundation on 14th September, 1995, changed it?
  • The Internet was initially called the 'Galactic network' in memos written by MIT's J C R Licklider in 1962.
  • Shokyu Ishiko, a doctorate in agriculture and chief priest of Daioh Temple in Kyoto has created an online virtual temple which will perform memorial services for lost information.
  • A 55 kg laddu was made for Lord Venkateswara at Trumala as a Y2K prayer offering.
  • The morning after Internet Explorer 4 was released, certain mischievous Microsoft workers left a 10 by 12 foot letter 'e' and a balloon with the message, "We love you", on Netscape front lawn.
  • If you were a resident of Tongo, a monarchy in the southwest Pacific, you could own domains as cool as '' and ''.
  • The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) began the administration of Internet IP address in North and South America in March 1998.
  • The testbed for the Internet's new addressing system, IPv6, is called the 6bone.
  • The first Internet worm was created by Robert T.Morris, Jr, and attacked more than 6000 Internet hosts.
  • According to The Economist magazine, the first truly electronic bank on the Internet, called First Virtual Holdings, was opened by Lee Stein in 1994.

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How to close multiple windows in single click

Whenever we manually search anything in our system then sometimes we go deep inside means that we open folder inside folder and just goes on searching inside other folders this is usually happens when we know the folder where the file resides but we don't exactly know the directory in which that folder is.

If you have to close them then just click on X caption button on upper right side of the corner.But what if you have these folders and directories opened in separate windows then you have to close each of them separately which is not so geeky but there's an easier way to close them all than one-at-a-time.

Hold down the Shift key as you click the X caption button in the upper-right corner of the last window opened. Doing so closes that window and all windows that came before it.

Though this is not a big thing to do but these kind of small things some times make us feel good because everybody around you doesn't know them.

Bonus trick related to shift key:
  • Holding shift while clicking on "Restart" in Windows will restart Windows and not the entire system.
  • In Windows Explorer and some other file managers, holding shift while deleting a file will permanently delete that file rather than moving it to the recycle bin.
  • Holding shift while inserting a compact disc in a Microsoft Windows computer will disable the autorun feature. This ability has been used to circumvent the MediaMax CD-3 CD copy protection system.

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How to use gmail address more productively

Do you know the importance of dots in your gmail address ?These dots in your gmail address are the key to a more safe and secure email service use.This article is all about the ways in which these dots in your gmail email address can serve you and how productively you can use them.

What are these dots:

Whenever you register a username with Gmail then Google Mail allows only one registration for any given username. Once you sign up for a particular username, any dot variations are made permanently unavailable for new accounts means that whenever you register a username suppose then Google also allows you to use &

and many more like , means any possible combination with dots and username is allowed.

How are they important:Since these dots are allowing you to use your single email address as multiple address they are providing you a kind of flexibility to use your different email addresses as sub email address.

How Gmail address can be used as spam identifier/blocker:For using them as spam filters you have to use their another feature.Google mail allows you to add any text with your email address by using '+' symbol.When signing up for some website, say, you can add XYZ to your Gmail user ID (eg. This way you can block your subscription whenever you want and even identify those websites that distribute your email address to spammers.

Create filters and save time:Instead of using different email addresses for various purposes (work, school, friends, etc.) you can use different variations of your Gmail and filter incoming mails by ’sent to’ address. For instance, all incoming mail sent to ‘’ can be put to folder ‘work’, messages sent to ‘’ can be put to ‘friends’, ‘’ can be used for newsletters, and so on.

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Top 10 image editing softwares

When we think about image editing then most of us think about adobe photo shop software for editing images. There are some simple and more useful imaging software available out there that are just waiting for you to use them. Let us take a look at some of these “Image editing software” and choose the one that suits our needs.

1.Adobe photoshop:

Adobe PhotoShop has always been on the forefront of image editing. Delivering the broadcast and most productive toolset available, It definitely helps you explore your creativity, work at peak efficiency, and achieve the highest quality results across all media.

2.3D Stereo image Factory PLUS:

Create your own exciting stereoscopic images on your PC using your very own stereo image image pairs with this amazing software. With its intuitive and easy to use interface, anyone can create true stereoscopic images in just a few simple steps.


ACDSee is the fastest picture viewe, graphic converter and image sharing tool available for windows. ACDSee gives sharp image tools, batch file functions, and plug-in features so you can enhance, convert, and share your images over the internet instantly.

4.602Pro PC Suite.:

Free alternative to MS Office that’s compatible with word and Excel files, integration with Outlook Express, digital Camera and scanner support is included. The add-on Plus pack lets you create interactive photo albums, organize your images with 602Desk, print Bar Codes, export your documents into easy-to-use JPEG web presentation and more.


Auto FX Software’s AutoEye is a product that was created to automatically improve digital images by rebuilding colour detail, sharpness and image vibrancy. AutoEye uses a different set of adjustment methods than Photoshop or other image Editing Applications. AutoEye does not use standard curves and histogram to adjust images on a global basis within the RGB or CMYK colour space. As such AutoEye’s unique methods often result in image Enhancements that are easier to attain and yield a higher quality result.

6.CompuPic Pro :

Visually browse photos, web pages, and files. View files of almost any format instantly. Publish customised web pages with themes. Make quick modifications with advanced editing. Create your own Phototodex Picture CDs. Scan and download entire websites. Perform Advanced Batch Conversions.

7.Calender builder:

This software lets you illustrate calendars with your digital images. When you purchase Calendar Builder, you get over 700 additional icons for animals and birds, arrows, books, cameras, clothing, drawing, earth etc.

8.Adobe ActiveShare.

Organise, enhance and share your digital photos with family and friends. You can import photos from digital cameras, scanner, or Kodak picture CDs and view them on your desktop. With this sotware you can also enhance and organise your images into digital pho albums


DreamSuite provides you with photo-realistic results that are difficult or impossible to achieve using any other software or method. Most of the effects in this software are brand new to industry and unique in their digital forms. This includes 35mm Frame, Chisel, Crackle, Crease, Cubism, Deckle, Dimension X, Focus, HotStamp, Instamatic, LiquidMetal, MetalMixer PhotoBorder, PhotoDepth, PhotoTone, Putty, Riple and Tape.

10.Do Neat Things With Your Stuff.

This Program helps you enjoy and manage your collection of digital photos, movies, music and realmedia. Make, save and autoplay or manually playplaylists with just a few keystrokes. Use your own keywords for your playitems and search for them. You can even password protect your confidential material.

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Use your pendrive as RAM in windows xp

Windows vista provides this feature called rambooster to use your pen drive as RAM but windows xp lacks this feature.But now even windows XP users can use this feature by the use of ebooster.

Though it requires USB 2.0 for its working and look what they says about filesystem.

There is no difference in speed between FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives. If your thumb drive is less or equal to 4GB we recommend using FAT32. Use NTFS if you want the cache file sized more than 4GB (make sure that the drive has a good write speed, otherwise disable the “write-cache” option for this drive to prevent “Windows Delayed Write Failed” errors).

Overall this is good utility for the windows xp users who wants to increase their RAM by using their thumb drives.

[Download ebooster]

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Watch video of egg throwing event on Microsoft CEO steve ballmer

The Microsoft chief executive was speaking at Corvinus University when a protester interrupted and started throwing eggs at him.

Before throwing what appeared to be three eggs, the protester demands that Microsoft give back money "stolen" from the Hungarian people. He wore a shirt that said "Microsoft = Corruption." It's difficult to hear, but Bloomberg News, citing the Index report, says that the protester "yelled that Ballmer should pay back taxpayer money."

After taking cover behind a desk, a clearly surprised Ballmer recovered and resumed his presentation as the protester was led out of the room. "It was a friendly disruption," he said, pacing around and grinning. "That broke my train of thought."

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windows Vista's new run commands,view complete list

Windows vista has some advanced features compared to previous windows versions.Run feature is also among that advanced features.The people who have used vista's run knows better about this.In vista you can access many utilities through run.Here is the complete list run commands of windows vista.
  • Help Pane : helppane
  • Color Management : colorcpl
  • Computer Management Launcher : CompMgmtLauncher
  • Control Panel : control
  • Credential Backup and Restore Wizard : credwiz
  • Defragment User Interface : dfrgui
  • Driver Package Installer : dpinst
  • DPI Scaling : dpiscaling
  • DVD Player : dvdplay
  • Display Adapter Troubleshooter : AdapterTroubleshooter
  • Authorization Manager : azman.msc
  • Bitlocker Wizard : bitlockerwizard
  • Event Viewer : eventvwr
  • Firewall Settings : FirewallSettings
  • Firewall Control Panel : FirewallControlPanel
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security : wf.msc
  • Problem Reports and Solutions : wercon
  • Windows Fax and Scan : wfs
  • Windows Image Acquisition - wiaacmgr
  • Windows Update Application Manager - wuapp
  • Windows Standalong Update Manager - wusa
  • Windows Shared Folder Management : fsmgmt.msc
  • Snipping Tool : snippingtool
  • Bitlocker Notifier : fvenotify
  • Fax Cover Sheet Editor : fxscover
  • iSCSI Initiator : iscsicpl
  • Iexpress : iexpress
  • Logoff from Vista : logoff
  • Language Pack Installer : lpksetup
  • Windows Mobility Center : mblctr
  • Microsoft Sync Center : mobsync
  • Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool : msdt
  • Remote Assistance : msra
  • User Accounts : Netplwiz
  • ODBC Data Source Administrator : odbcad32
  • Optional Features Manager : optionalfeatures
  • People Near Me : p2phost
  • Performance Monitor : perfmon
  • Presentation Settings : presentationsettings
  • Printer Migration : PrintBrmUi
  • Encryption File System : rekeywiz
  • Windows Backup Utility : sdclt
  • Accesibility Settings : sethc
  • Windows Share Creation Wizard : shrpubw
  • Software Licensing/Windows Activation : slui
  • Sound Volume : sndvol
  • Sound Recorder : soundrecorder
  • Sticky Note : StikyNot
  • Digitizer Calibration Tool : tabcal
  • Trusted Platform Module : TpmInit
  • System Properties : SystemPropertiesAdvanced
    System Properties (Hardware pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesHardware
  • System Properties (Computer Name pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesComputerName
  • System Properties (Performance pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesPerformance
  • System Properties (Protection pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesProtection
  • System Properties (Data Execution Prevention pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention
  • System Properties (Remote pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesRemote

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Amazing facts series about computers and internet part:2

This amazing facts series is coming after so many days but after this post i will try to be consistent in writing amazing fact series.
  • Archie is an information system offering an electronic directory service for locating information residing on anonymous FTP sites.
  • On the Internet, a 'bastion host' is the only host computer that a company allows to be addressed directly from the public network.
  • 'Carnivore' is the Internet surveillance system developed by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who developed it to monitor the electronic transmissions of criminal suspects.
  • Did you know that the original URL of Yahoo! was ?
  • Developed at the University of Nevada, Veronica is a constantly updated database of teh names of almost every menu item on thousands of gopher servers.
  • The Electrohippies Collective is an international group of 'hacktivists' based in Oxfordshire, England.
  • UIML (User Interface Markup Language) is a descriptive language that lets you create a Web page that can be sent to any kind of interface device.
  • In Internet terminology, a demo is a non-interactive multimedia presentation, the computer world's equivalent of a music video.
  • Did you know that the name of the famous search engine AltaVista came into existence when someone accidentally read and suggested the word 'Vista' on an unclean whiteboard as 'Alta Vista'?
  • Boeing was the first airline to discover the Y2K problem, way back in 1993.

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Which is the most popular camera on flickr

Flickr is among the most widely used photo hosting/sharing websites on internet and people across the globe uses it for uploading/sharing photos and videos.So a popular camera model in flickr can also be considered as one of the most favorite camera model across the globe.So lets find out which is the most favorite camera on flickr or used by flickr users.

Most favorite camera on flickr.

1. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
2. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
3.Nikon D80
4.Nikon D40
5.Canon EOS 40D

Most popular point & shoot camera on flickr

1.Canon PowerShot SD1000
2. Canon PowerShot S3 IS
3.Canon PowerShot SD750
4.Canon PowerShot SD600
5.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55

& now most popular camera phone on flickr.
1.Apple iPhone
2.Nokia N95
3.Nokia N73
4.Sony Ericsson K800i
5.Sony Ericsson W810i

You can click on image to enlarge them and you can also find the same data here.Here You can also compare other camera models and can particularly select a camera model and then can search images taken from that.

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How to make your images look like 100-150 years old

There are some kind of photographs which when looked in black & white format or some kind of shaded form looks great and they looks even more nice when they look like old b&W photograph.

Now allows users to change their photographs to look like 100-150 years old.First of all select English as language from top right corner.

You can see my attempt

According to me these pics are really looking old.They only support .gif,.jpeg and .png.

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Access FTP server without any third party software

FTP is used for transfer of large files. Bloggers and webmasters use FTP frequently for uploading files to their server space all the time. FTP transfers usually involve some software installed on the computer. The method usually involves connecting to a particular host server URL, and entering the user name and password for access. FTP transfers may be primitive (they do not have much security), but they are still widely used.

If you are interested in accessing FTP server without the use of any third party software then there is an easier way to access FTP servers . All that you require is the Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer (either of them can be used). To access any FTP server, enter the following (replace server with the domain/subdomain):

Once you enter this, a dialog box will come up, and you can fill out the user name and password and click Log On.if you dont want the pop up box, you can also use

Though it is not recommended to use but in case of unavailability of any third party ftp software you can use this method.

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Increase your internet speed by 20% by changing windows default settings

When you install fresh copy of windows on your system then as per the by default settings windows reserves the 20% of the internet speed for its own use like windows updates etc.You can disable this by default allocation of internet speed to windows.Just follow the below mentioned procedure and you will be able to use that reserved bandwidth.

* Go to Start-> Run-> and type gpedit.msc
* Expand the Administrative Templates branch
* Expand the Network tab
* Highlight QoS Packet Scheduler
* Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth and check the ‘enabled’ box
* Then Change the Bandwidth limit % to 0 %

Now your system speed has been increased by 20% and if you want your speed to be reserved again then follow the same procedure except last two steps.Select disable and then apply.Now your bandwidth is again reserved for windows.

Along with this method where you are using reserved bandwidth you can also increase the speed of internet by using freeware and you can also optimize and increase speed of your downloads.

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Now get updates of any click on your adsense

If you have to know your adsense income then you would have to log in into your adsense account each time. But now there is a firefox plugin available that will display your adsense income on firefox status bar.

This firefox plugin adsense notifier checks your adsense income every 20 minutes and notifies you about any update or click on your adsense ads.So this seems to be good option for those who repeatedly login into their adsense accounts to check their adsense income.

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How to use fake webcam for chatting for all IM clients

When you chat with someone unknown with a webcam on Internet then there are chances that person may ask you that he would like to see you first than he will gonna chat with you than their is one cool trick to create a fake webcam to be accessible through the messenger client . People will be able to access your web as they access others usually but your fake webcam will play videos and clips on it .

It supports almost all IM clients like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AOL, Camfrog etc. Just install simple application to your computer and You can broadcast your favorite movie clips (mpeg, avi and wmv) and this fake webcam provide it few media files you want to play by clicking + button.

Some instructions :- Just check the preferences and at the camera source , choose Fake Webcam . In yahoo messenger go to messenger -> webcam and select camera source than select fake webcam and make sure that you clicked the play button in the Fake Webcam application and start showing your webcam to others .

So always play your prerecorded video to have a virtual personality , don't play any hero role . Download fake webcam here .

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How to find out content of archive files before downloading

Usually it is not possible to know the content of archive files without actually opening it and on internet first you have to download it and then only after opening it up you can actually figure out the content of any archive file.But now you can find out the content of archive file before downloading it.

Archview is an excellent handy tool which can view the zip or rar file which is available to download on internet before actually downloading it. In case you have doubt on the archive files and its content which can easily be solved through this extension

As soon as you hit the downlaod of any archive ( zip or rar ) file it fetches information about it. Here is the list of features:

  • Directly access archive files on Web or FTP server.
  • List the catalog of archive file.
  • Open or download an individual file.
  • Support RAR and ZIP formats.
  • Support HTTP, FTP and file: protocols.
  • Can present HTML or XUL interface.
  • Only fetch necessary data rather than the whole archive file.
  • Work together with Firefox, easy to use.
  • Platform independent, (theoretically) support all platforms that Firefox can run.

However it does not support SFX files , encrypted and som more. Find the complete details on its Home page

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How to remove Yahoo's redirect from yahoo search

Whenever you perform any search on yahoo search engine then for each output result yahoo provides two ways to reach on that website or address , first you click on the link (usually in blue,very first line ) provided by the search engine or you just copy the website address (usually in green) from the last line of result and paste in new tab.

Usually we don't think on this issue that the address of first and last line which ultimately points to same address are not same.Both of them are different.You can see the pic or can perform this on your system also.First link is actually the link to yahoo server in the form like you click on result then you will be redirected through the yahoo server.

By this way yahoo keeps the record of each and every search performed on its server and which result user selected.But for user it slows the speed down a little bit and make your search history stored on yahoo server.

This can be quite frustrating especially if you use Yahoo regularly to search the Internet. A small Greasemonkey script comes to the rescue, at least to the rescue of FireFox users. The Yahoo! Redirect Remover script removes the redirects from the search results including Yahoo video search and virtually every other page that is using those kind of redirects.

The script obviously requires Greasemonkey to be installed before the Yahoo! Redirect Remover script itself can be installed and used.

Yahoo Images are actually redirected twice it seems. Another Greasemonkey script takes care of the second redirect. Install the Yahoo Image Relinker script for Greasemonkey if you want to see the direct links to the images instead of the second Yahoo redirect.

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E-mail addresses containing numbers are less prone to spammers !

Spammers get a hold of e-mail addresses in roughly a zillion ways. When you buy something at a small, lesser-known online store there's a decent chance they will sell your address to spammers. Even if it's a big, reputable store that gets your cash, the store's records could still be stolen or leaked. Sign up for a newsletter? Your address could certainly get sold. Ever write comments in blogs or discussion forums that display your e-mail address? Spammers have tools that "scrape" those addresses. That is, they process the text on the page and strip out anything that looks like an e-mail address.

In any of the above scenarios—and plenty more—it doesn't matter what your address is. The one technique your number idea could foil is what is called a "dictionary attack." The spammers get a list of common first names, a list of common last names, and a list of ISP e-mail domains they want to try. Then they generate all possible combinations and fire off a gazillion messages (at next to no cost). Anyone unwary enough to respond gets moved to a list of "live" addresses that can be sold to other spammers. Yes, an address like would be more resistant to this attack than plain

In general, when you change your e-mail address, it takes the spammers a while to catch up. So any change, with or without a number, will bring temporary relief. If you also change your habits to guard this new e-mail address more carefully, it will take the spammers longer to get you back on their lists. But sooner or later they always seem to find us.

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Find out to which celebrity your face matches most

Ever wondered what celebrity you look most like? Has anyone ever told you that you look like a famous celebrity?If you are not sure about this then you can find this at site lets you find out the similar face celebrities of your photograph.What you have to do is to just upload a photograph of yours, containing your face on this site then it will automatically detect your face from that image and will populate a list of celebrities who are closest match with your photograph.

Since this is completely based on computer algorithms and no human selection or choice is involved in this thats why this may populate a different list every time as you changes the photograph of the same person.I tried it with many different pics of mine but it always give some celebrities that were not known to me.This shows that how unique i am? this world is yet to receive a celebrity of my face (?).

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Know your windows registery editor and its 5 parts

Whenever you install any application on your windows system or you just made any changes in the system settings then your actions are stored in your systems registry.You can view, analyze and modify them but it is recommended only when you know your systems registry.We deal with system registry with the help of registry editor.It has five basic parts under which all of system settings are stored.Here is the basic idea of the basic five parts of windows registry editor.

* HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Contains information about file types, filename extensions, and other details related to files. It tells XP how to handle different file types, and controls basic interface options like double-clicking and context menus.

*HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Contains configuration information about the setup of the person currently logged into XP. It controls the desktop, as well as XP’s specific appearance and behavior for that individual, including screen colors and the arrangement of the desktop. It also manages the connections to the network and to devices like digital cameras or printers.

* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Contains information about the computer itself, as well as the operating system. It includes specific details about all hardware, including the keyboard, printer ports, and storage devices. It also has information about security settings, installed software, system startup, drivers, and other services, like the ability to automatically connect to wireless networks.

* HKEY_USERS. Contains information about every user profile on the system.

* HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG. Contains information about the system’s current hardware setup, in the same way that HKEY_CURRENT_USER contains information about whoever’s logged into the system at the moment. It has details like the type of hard disk installed in your PC.

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Windows logo key is a little used treasure

The Windows key or Windows logo key (in short WinKey, or rarely Flag key, Start key or Menu Key) which was originally introduced for the Windows 95 operating system , located in the bottom row of most computer keyboards is a little-used treasure. Don't' ignore it. It is the shortcut anchor for the lot of things.

Windows: Display the Start menu
Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows
Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer
Windows + F: Display Search for files
Windows + Ctrl + F: Display Search for computer
Windows + F1: Display Help and Support Center
Windows + R: Display Run dialog box
Windows + break: Display System Properties dialog box
Windows + shift + M: Undo minimize all windows
Windows + L: Lock the workstation
Windows + U: Open Utility Manager
Windows + Q: Quick switching of users (Powertoys only)
Windows + Q: Hold Windows Key, then tap Q to scroll thru the different users on your PC

Other than this it can also perform the following functions

Under Unix and Unix-like operating systems it is often used as the Meta key or Compose key. Desktop environments such as KDE and GNOME for GNU/Linux support it, though it may be necessary to configure its functionalities after installation. Free operating systems often refer to the key as "Super".

Apple's Mac OS X uses the Windows key as a replacement for the Command key if a third-party keyboard is used that does not include the latter.This sometimes leads to placement issues for users used to Apple keyboards however, as the Command key is usually placed where the Alt key is on most keyboards (next to the Space bar).

When using a keyboard on the Xbox 360 console, pressing the Windows key performs the same action as the Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller or remote controls, opening the Xbox Guide in game play. Additionally, holding down the Windows key and pressing M opens a pop up conversation window over game play if an Instant Message conversation is in progress.

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change page title for blogger templates

I haven't published any blogger trick for a long time.So this is good to be in a zone which is less explored by me.Now as my exams are over i can focus on this zone also.So this is like re-beginning of my blogger zone.

By default , blogs on blogger show the blog title as the page title followed by the post title.This means if the blog title is "Tech Buzz" and the post title is "How to change page title" , the blog will show "Tech Buzz" before "how to change page title" i.e "Tech Buzz : how to change page title" .

You can view the page title on the blue bar at the top of the page.When the search engine spiders crawl the pages , they too index the default title before the post title and this can be a hindrance in indexing your pages under the relevant post title resulting in loss of traffic. You can change that by making a small change in the html of your blog.

<data:blog.pagetitle/>Whether you are using a new blogger template or you have already switched to a third party template, use the code below to change page title of the template.On the edit html page find and replace it with

Save the template after you replace the code.This should change page title of the individual pages and optimize your blog for the search engines.You should be able to see the post title as the new page title.

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How to boot windows xp in Non GUI mode

If you are fed up with the GUI boot of windows xp and don't want to use it any more. Then there is a simple trick that will allow you to remove GUI boot from your windows xp and after that your system will boot in a NON GUI mode that has its own benefits means that this will increase your systems booting speed and its better to have this kind of look rather than installing a software program that will make your booting process animated and slowish.

  • Go to Start –> Run and type “msconfig”.
  • Go to the boot.ini tab, and select you Operating System, in case you are using multiple OS’s on a single system.
  • Tick /NOGUIBOOT, and apply it. Reboot your system, and you will feel the difference.
You can also follow this procedure for windows vista.

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First version of Internet giants

These are some images of first or very initial versions of Todays internet giants .They might seems to be funny and very unrealistic if seen in todays context but at that time they were the future of todays internet.They are the one which changed and modified our perception about the future of internet.Lets have a look at them.

Google in 1998: MSN in 1996:

Wikipedia in 2001:

Yahoo in 1996:

Youtube in 2001:

Blogger in 1999:

Facebook in 2001: in 1998:

Microsoft in 1996:

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