How to perform usefull search on internet

I am sure that some of you must be agreed with me that searching your desired item on Internet is an art as well as science.Till date software engineers have remained unsuccessfully in finding a formula that can bring out the desired item for you in just a click.

The biggest obstacle in this is that computer systems does not have their own brain to understand your search and provide output as you would have desired.They can just perform calculation based on their algorithms to understand your search items.Here is the list of ten important steps that will help to search and understand search engine in better manner.

1.First of all be sure of this that searching on search engine is an art.This is not about just typing few words.Performing use full search over Internet is an artistic as well as an logical task.

2.Understand the way a search engine works.If you are serious about search then before the search you must be aware how your selected search engine works.

3.Select the best search engine but don't remain limited to it.For getting better results for your searches try others too.The search engine you select must be constantly updated.But one thing,working on one search engine will give you better understanding of working model of that search engine.

4.Select your keywords properly and swap them for better results.The thing is that these key words are the key to your communication with search engine.They decide how would you communicate with search engine.

The efficiency of your result is directly proportional to selection of your keywords like result for "Pre medical test" and "PMT" will be quite different but both stands for same things.

5.Use advanced search,well this can be defined as search within search.Usually search engine returns millions of results and several times most of them are less.So this is advisable not to see all of them.
In some search engines we use operators to refine our search results,These operators changes along with search engines so get a quick review about the operators of a search engine before using them.

6.If you like taking chances then directly go to the most recommended site by search engine by clicking on "I am feeling lucky".This option will directly take you to the site that was ranked no.1 by Google for your search results.Most of the time this works.

7.If you are going to search a photo then go to those search engines that are dedicated to image searches.Some photo sharing sites like Flickr are good options to search for photo.Try Flickrleech for searching Flickr.

8.Though Google and Yahoo holds more than 75% of the Internet search market but some times less known search engines also yields better results for particular search items.But it is not always true because some less known search engines uses the search results of Google and Yahoo.

9.Search with intelligence means that search engine might not be intelligent enough but your friend could be.Means that just ask inside your friend circle which is net crazy and like to share information.They might reduce your searching time from hours to minutes.

10.Don't get frustrated if your desired results are not on the front page.Don't hesitate to go to next few pages.You may find your desired results there and you can also use sites that provide combined search results of more than one search engine like poycola.

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