How to search multiple search engine at the same time

Do you ever want to search more than one search engine at the same time for the single query.
Now it is possible to search more than one search engine at the same time.Just Polycola your query...confused !! might be..

There is a site called Polycola which allow users to use multiple search combindly.Users can select any two search engines from Google,Yahoo,Live,ask,Dogpile,altavista,Aol. After selecting two search engines ,user can search from various categories like Web ,Images, Videos, News ,Shopping, Directory, Answers, Blogs. and just polycola it ,means press enter.

It will divide the results page in to two and each will show the results from each search engine selected.This is quite good and by doing this it saves the users time.So some of you might find it interesting.

I tried to find out its limitations and just entered !wiki microsoft which means both Yahoo and Google are going to function in different manner .Yahoo was supposed to redirect me to wikipedia page [why ? read here ] on Microsoft while Google was supposed to show me results for this means it should be stay on Google itself. Now this is what happened Google page was normal but Yahoo page showed this.

My antivirus Kaspresky stopped this redirection.Catched by an internet security software.!! On your system it might work properly.Just polycola it.

Another thing is that You can add this to your firefox search bar with just a click.This is at its homepage click there to do so.

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8:48 AM

Pretty cool site, I recommend It similar but you can cross search media types and open up more than 2 frames.

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