Yet another google service closed,this time Web accelerator

Over the past few years we have seen many Google services that has been either closed or they are not further supported by Google like Google answer and lot more.Some of them were Google lab products and was in there beta while they were shut down.This time it is Google Web Accelerator.

Last year, Google removed the download link from Google Web Accelerator's homepage which indicated that the product is no longer supported. Web Accelerator was a Labs experiment launched in 2005 that intended to speed up web browsing by prefetching content and downloading cached web pages from Google's servers.Though it was criticized by many users who don't have unlimited bandwidth connections since it fetches the webpage in advance although user might not be interested in that webpage hence increases their bandwidth uses.

Google Web Accelerator uses various strategies to make your web pages load faster, including:

* Sending your page requests through Google machines dedicated to handling Google Web Accelerator traffic.
* Storing copies of frequently looked at pages to make them quickly accessible.
* Downloading only the updates if a web page has changed slightly since you last viewed it.
* Prefetching certain pages onto your computer in advance.
* Managing your Internet connection to reduce delays.
* Compressing data before sending it to your computer.

Web Accelerator became famous for a security problem: the software transferred unencrypted cookies to Google servers, which were cached and then sent to other Web Accelerator users. Even though the issue was fixed in the next releases, Google Web Accelerator was quickly forgotten and few people noticed that it didn't work well in Firefox 3 and it blocked YouTube videos.

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Download Windows Media Player 12 ( WMP) of windows 7 for windows Vista

Officially Windows 7 will be launched with the next media player version 12.Till then no windows version or update will not contain windows media player version 12.But if you are a windows media player fan then you can download version 12 and run it on Windows Vista only.Its not available as a separate download but it had been extracted from Windows 7 builds and works on Vista.This does not work in XP but you are a geek u can modify it to run on xp.

You can download from here. Before installing this don't forget to create a restore point. So that if anything goes wrong you can access the previous settings like current version of Windows Media Player.

* Backup wmploc.dll from C:\Windows\System32
* Backup Windows Media Player folder from C:\Program Files
* copy wmploc.dll from downloaded files in C:\Windows\System32
* copy Windows Media Player folder from downloaded files to C:\Program Files

This has been taken from the Windows 7 build i.e. Windows Media Player 12.0.7000.7000 original files from Windows 7 Build 7000.

( via Devian Art)

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How to increase loudness, volume of mp3 ringtone, songs

Few days back i got a MP3 ring tone from my friend that was very nice but the problem was that it was not loud enough means that even when my phone volume was set to maximum level,this ring tone was not so loud that i can detect or feel its sound in crowdy place.Because of this some of my incoming calls remain unnoticed.So i think of increasing it loudness,for this i downloaded some tools from Internet like sony soundforge but since i don't know anything about sound editing and tools were highly complicated and having many many options so i failed many times and finally give up.

At that time i changed the ring tone and used a loud ring tone.But what would you do if you have any custom mp3 files or a file which has no replacement ? How would i increase the volume and make the mp3 file sound louder without much knowledge of sound editing?

"Where there is a will there is a way".I found Vloud which is an online service which does this job for you. All you need is to select how loud you want the final mp3 file you will get. It accepts only MP3 songs and gives you 4 options : light , loud, louder, loudest.

This site claims that it "make any song very, very, very loud.upload an mp3 and get your song.".Well it worked fine for me and i got that beautiful ring tone with much loudness that was sufficient for me.

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10 reasons why you should switch from Internet Explorer 6

"Every so often, people ask me why they should upgrade to Internet Explorer 7, the newest version of the venerable Microsoft web browser. They're happy with Internet Explorer 6—it does what they want it to do and they're comfortable using it. Some are nervous about upgrading because they feel they don't have time to learn a new way of doing things. Others believe that because they only use their computers to check their e‑mail and visit "safe" sites, they don't need to upgrade. (...) For me, the most compelling reason to upgrade is the improved security. The Internet of today is not the Internet of five years ago. There are dangers that simply didn't exist back in 2001, when Internet Explorer 6 was released to the world." (Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP)

10 reasons to switch from Internet Explorer 6:

1. Switch to a more secure browser.
2. Get a faster browser.
3. Web pages will look better.
4. Use a browser that it's not closely integrated with your operating system.
5. Try a browser that has native support for Ajax.
6. Open less windows by using tabs.
7. Get a search box without installing toolbars.
8. Get anti-phishing protection.
9. Web developers will thank you.
10. If IE6 is no longer a popular browser, developers will spend more time releasing new features.

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How to found your lost USB pen drive

Now a days USB pen drives are becoming very popular but the disadvantage with them is their frequency of getting lost.I myself had lost my 2 Kingston pen drives.But now you can prevent yours from getting lost by using a free utility called USB Lost and Found which can be used on Windows 2000/XP/Server/Vista.

USB Lost and Found is a free tool to setup your USB drive to keep unauthorized users from keeping your USB drive if it were to be lost. USB Lost and Found has a method of Message which when the user tries to use your USB drive it comes up with a message box that tells them to return it, along with your contact information, and denies access to the USB drive. This could be useful if the USB was missed from you and someone gets it, he/she can contact you to get it back to you.

Its free version has limited protection because it provides protection by only one method while pro has more than one.The PRO version which comes for $3.49 has another method called lock down.Lock Down immediately locks the user’s computer when the USB drive is accessed, covering the whole screen and denying access. When the computer is in lockdown mode, hotkeys such as Alt+F4 and Ctrl+Shift+Esc don’t work. Only Ctrl+Alt+Del would work and you can shutdown/restart/logoff your computer.

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10 most beautiful,cool hollywood movie posters of 2008

Making a movie is one of the most creative thing in this world that's why these movie makers gets so much of appreciation, popularity and fame.Along with movie making there are some fields of creativity that remains unnoticed or they are not paid enough attention that they deserve like others parts.Here we are discussing one such field i.e. movie posters.They play an important role in catching audience attention which is required to bring them to the theatre.

Here we are suggesting a list of top 10 coolest,beautiful Hollywood movie posters of 2008.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno


The Dark knight


Tropic ThunderSaw V

Iron Man

Pineapple Express
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay

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10 nonsense logos that really make sense

Every big brand has its logo and uses it for brand representation and advertisement purpose. Some of the logos exactly depicts what the brand is and but sometimes they are completely irrelevant. Sometimes the attempt of designing logo such that they reflect the characteristics of the brand comes out very weird.Here is some of the logos that are very unusual but since they are attached with a popular brands they make sense for the public.


Seven and Six Rehabilitation Hospital Corporation of America

Modern Nerd London Symphony Orchestra Logo Motives Cattleyard


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Worst beginning of year for John Travolta,teenage son dies in Bahamas

Thousand of people might have wished Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor John Travolta a happy new year but i am sure that he couldn't have a worse opening of the year.His teenage son died after a seizure while the family was vacationing in Bahamas, the US media reported on Saturday.The 16-year-old Jett was the only son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, also an actress. The couple also have an eight-year-old daughter, Ella.

The boy hit his head after a seizure on Friday morning, but the exact cause of death is not known, according to Travolta's attorney Michael Ossi."At this point, we know that John Travolta and Kelly Preston's only son, Jett, had a seizure at around 10 am," Ossi said. "All attempts to revive him were unsuccessful."

An autopsy will be conducted on Monday and the body will be transferred to Ocala in Florida for burial, he said.Jett's death "was completely out of the blue," Ossi said, adding "....this is the worst day of John's life."

source :PTI

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Wikipedia says NO to advertising,achieves $6.2 M fund raising goal of 2008

Most of internet users visits Wikipedia very often and it has evolved as a great source of knowledge sharing for internet user.Wikipedia receives almost 7 billion page views per month on an average.This much of request demands good infrastructure and maintenance.This is done by Wikimedia foundation,the non-profit organization behind the Wikipedia.

They always require funds for this but the Wikimedia Foundation has always declined to run advertising on its pages.Given that it is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet, it could surely make more than their requirements, but the organization, and Jimmy Wales in particular, have always vehemently rejected this idea in favor of direct donations from users. That's why you see an appeal on wikipedia "your donations keep wikipedia moving". and they always get that amount they decide.

The Wikimedia Foundation,has just announced that it has reached its fundraising goal for 2008, which will allow the foundation to cover its operating expenses for the current fiscal year, ending June 30, 2009. Overall, a total of 125,000 donors gave over $6.2 million during 2008, though in December alone, after a personal appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, 50,000 individuals contributed more than $2 million.

According to Jimmy Wales, these donations will be used to pay for the day-to-day operations of the Wikimedia Foundation, including the costs of hosting and bandwidth, as well as the salary of its small staff of only 23 people. The Wikimedia foundation will also use these funds to support outreach events like the Wikipedia Academies and to help its volunteer community.

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10 most useful mozilla firefox addons

Mozilla Firefox has evolved as a great web browser over the period of time because of its security, simplicity, memory uses and above of all the ability of Mozilla Firefox to let the users use various addons developed by various developers around the world.This makes the Firefox a very safe and secure place.Some of Firefox addons have been very popular and always makes it to most downloaded list of Firefox addons.This time jaystech is publishing a list of most useful Firefox addons.Some of them you might find in my previous list of 15 most downloaded Firefox addons also.

1. Cybersearch - This is customizable Google searches in your firefox awesome Bar? Yes, It is very nice ! It also supports keywords so you can enter things like "firefox addons" and limit your search to a specific web site (like Jaystech, for example). Enter a comma separated list of URLs to search a group of sites.

2. LastPass - I used to use KeePass, but I just like LastPass better. It did a great job of importing (and then removing) my Firefox stored passwords, and its secure password creation tool makes using different passwords on new sites a snap. The web interface is a great way to manage my logins and groups.

3. FEBE - As with anything else on your computer, it's never a bad idea to back up your Firefox install. FEBE will back up everything - extensions, themes, bookmarks - or just what you choose, and you can set up an automated schedule. It's also got integrated support, which is actually a fairly nice way to roll-you-rown manual Firefox syncing.

4. AdBlock Plus:- I don't really use AdBlock because I hate advertisements, but because I don't like waiting for web pages to load. Flash ads and multiple banners really gum up the works, so I depend on AdBlock to keep things running smoothly. It's also a decent way to cut back on your bandwidth usage.

5. DownThemAll - When a friend first showed me DTA a few years ago, I couldn't believe I was still just using FF2's built-in manager. DTA rocks, and ofcourse it is in my list of Top 10 free download managers . It's simply one of the best download managers out there.

6. OpenItOnline - I don't do enough work with Office-type documents anymore to warrant installing a suite on my laptop. OpenItOnline lets me send DOC, XLS, and all the other supported file types to ZohoViewer for perusal instead of downloading them. It supports all Zoho and Google Docs apps to open files.

7. Deng Google Bookmarks - I'm not sold on Weave yet, so for now I let Google store my bookmarks. I switched to the Deng addon after using GMarks for the longest time - because I got tired of the giant "bookmark" button on my toolbar. Deng displays only a small star icon, and its management interface is superior and you must know how to stop appearing bookmarks in firefox address bar.

8. Screengrab! - To quickly capture an entire web page, Screengrab is a great tool. It can save or copy an entire page, the visible portion, or a rectangular selection. If I don't actually need to print a page, Screengrab is an easy, environmentally friendly way for me to keep a copy of it.

9. Web Of Trust - Web Of Trust is a great way to keep yourself out of malware trouble. I think I'm a pretty responsible surfer, but I don't know the reputation of every site on the Internet. Web Of Trust gives you a heads up about the trustworthiness of a link (based on community input) before you visit it.

10. Shareaholic - Anyone that enjoys sharing links would do well to install this one: it supports a ton of services, including Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Pownce, Reddit, Facebook, MySpace, and Google. It's also a quick way to see how many Diggs or Delicious bookmarks a page has received. Bzzster support gives quick access to sharing items via email.

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Here begins the struggle of David Beckham with age

Sooner or later age is the factor that affects every sportsman and till this date no sportsman had ever cheated this truth successfully.Now it seems age is catching up with the 33-year-old soccer star David Beckham, who was left gasping for breath while training with AC Milan.The former England skipper was left so out of breath that he could barely stand up after taking part in a gruelling training session with his fellow team mates, the Daily Mail reported.

A concerned medic even forced the footballer to get his pulse checked.Beckham was on practice session on New Year's Eve in Dubai ahead of a friendly match with German giants Hamburg SV on January 6. He is with currently with AC Milan, which has taken him on loan from LA Galaxy.

But after every 30 second bout of rigorous exercise the father-of-three had to stop to recuperate.Beckham's lackluster display comes despite AC Milan's club doctor Jean-Pierre Meerseeman saying earlier this week that the midfielder still had a lot of life left in him as a professional footballer and said that Beckham could go on for another five or six years.

"His cardiovascular readings are very good. His basic fitness is excellent. All he needs to do now is to alter his training programme slightly," said Meerseeman.Beckham missed spending New Year's with wife Victoria and their children to stay in Dubai to train for his next match.

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Kate Hudson is now giving marriage tips after her divorce

29 year old Actress Kate Hudson, who stars in the movies like Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Skeleton Key, You, Me and Dupree, Fool's Gold and now Bride Wars, now has some marriage tips for the couples. Hudson is divorced. She was married to rocker Chris Robinson. She says a couple should be sure they want to get married before taking the vows. reports Hudson as saying: "Number one: Make sure you're ready to get married, that you're really sure you want to do this. And number two, I would say really good placement of the bar! At a wedding you want to have a good time."

She added: "Have special cocktails that are really fun for people".Though it funny to get marriage tips from a divorcee but experience does matter !

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