Google is now going to new field of website addresses registering

Internet search engine giant Google is now going to new field of website addresses registering service though this field is too crowded for a new entry.

The aim of Google behind this is to boost the use of free software products available online. Actually these softwares collects usefull information for Google and this ultimately helps Google in its aim "bringing worlds information together so that it can be used anywhere".

Google is a parter with and eNom, two of the many administrators that help Web sites officially register their names under domains like ".com" and "net." Google is going to deal with only 4 domain name".com",".net",".biz",".info".Google is palnning to charge $10 annually for this service.

Web sites that register their domains through Google will be automatically set up to work with several other company products, including e-mail, calendaring and instantmessaging.

Google is not going to prevent user from taking the services of rivals like microsoft ,yahoo and others.

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Vista incomparison to Xp

Now a days whole tech world is talking about microsoft's upcoming product Vista the new operating System from Microsoft after windows Xp.i have already posted in my blog about the
flaws discovered in Vista but the hard work from Microsoft is not waste.Here is the list of new
improved or newly added features in the Vista.


Months before release of Vista the fear of disappearence was there for Antispyware industry which is nearly $155 million.This Antispyware"windows defender" is the reason of fear for this Anti spyware industry.

Windows Defender is the built-in spyware blocker bundled in Windows Vista .Windows defender was also available as free stand alone application form past few months only to genuine windows user.(require atleast windows installer version 3 for installation). So a good move towards security of personal data of users over internet.

Windows Aero:

This is going to provide greater looks and feel to windows user having a higher (Direct x 9.0 or above) graphics card.This feature allows users to view a 3D view of open window.

Windows Search :

One of the most helpful new features in Windows Vista, is the new, vastly improved search for files or applications from almost any corner of the computer Unlike in Windows XP, with Window Search, you can simply type a few letters of your search request, and the results appear on the fly ,a very helpful feature when looking for a file or application from the Start menu. Micosoft was getting strong competetion in this field from Google's Desktop search software.

Booting enhancements :

The NT Boot Loader present in XP has been replaced by Windows Boot Manager. Vista does not allow storing users' own as well as application files in Windows installed boot drives such as C drive for security reasons, for users, including the administrator.

Parental Control over net and system:

Microsoft has also given an answer to parents call to protect their children from objectionable content on net or system though there are a number of software applications available now a days that allow parents to keep control over their childs Internet activity, but Vista packs this feature in the OS itself.
The feature called Parental Control, which was not present in the Windows XP.This will allow parents to control their children's PC activities without a fuss. In fact, parents will be delighted with Vista's ability to block objectionable content.

The controls will allow them to act as a computer administrator and set specific boundaries for other users, including separate standard user accounts for family members, especially children. They can set rules like which sites a certain user can, or cannot, access and hours during which a particular user can use the computer.

They can also curtail access to specific applications and view where other users have been on the computer and on the Web.

We also have another new faetures for the another discussion later.......

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Apple sued over the name iphone

Cisco systems has sued Apple for the name iphone which apple has used for their latest product in market this product is a phone having the facility of ipod and internet and it is operated by a fabulous touch screen.

Cisco system is hopefull that this issue can be resolved easily by talks but Apple is saying that so many companies which are providing the facility of internet telephony are already using this name.

Apple said that they are the first one to use the name iphone for a mobile phone while Cisco claims that they are having the trademark of iphone from the year 2000.Actually cisco bought infogear technology in the year 2000 and this firm was using the name iphone for years so after buying the firm Cisco automatically got the rights for this name.Though Apple talked to cisco for the use of this name but talks didn't geared up.

Cisco claims that this is not the matter of money but they just want to protect their trademark because Apple is using this name without the permission of Cisco.

well people are eagrly waiting fot the iphone this is clear form the fact that on the day when iphone was revealed Apple's share registered a 8% hike suddenly.

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What is iphone

As usual when the Apple announces any product they shake the market and every one talks about them.Now the same happens with the Apple's new product iphone.A model of this product was revealed to public few days ago is CES.

In a line Apple's iphone is a broad screen mobile phone with cool looks operated by touch screen(apple calls it "Multi touch screen technique") having ipod and internet facility in it.It's initial price is $499.

Apple has maintained it standards again by keeping a fabulous and attractive design for this latest product.

Though apple itself admits that now a days people are no tso intrested in

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A month of Apple bugs

Two hackers Kevin Finisterre and LMH stated on their blog that they are going to spend the whole month on publicising bugs in Apple's Operating system and others programs.

They claims that these are completely new and they had never been discussed ever.They also plans to produce the code that can be used to exploit those flaws.

Though they also claims that this project is not going to harm users as their intention is only to bring out the flaws so that they can be fixed even after this statement few of net users who are using Apple's product on their systems are sending hate mails and bugs to them.Overall they are getting mixed response.

They plans to reval only those flaws whose importance lies in the range of Trivial to critical.The project started on 1 January and the first discovery was a flaw in Apple's Quicktime (version 7.1.3) video software and the way it handles a particular protocol.

Exploiting this bug via a booby-trapped webpage would let attackers install malicious programs on a target machine.

Officially Apple has not announed any statement but unofficially a former employee of Apple Landon Fullet has set up an project to patch the bugs which these hackers are going to reval throuhout the month

.Fuller said that this will be an temporary effort to protect the Apple users but actual efforts should be done by the Apple itself.

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Google's Software on Samsung handsets

Google too has announced after the internet search engine rival Yahoo's announcement of Preloaded softwares on mobile phones.

Google and Samsung announced that the mobile version of Google Search , google maps , and Gmail will come in preloaded form on some Samsung Mobile handsets. This announcement came on monday at Yahoo Go 2.0 on more than 70 mobile handsets.

Samsung said the software will be bundled on handsets starting in early 2007 including Google Software on its new ultra slim HSDPA ready phones, the ultra Edition 13.8 (z720).

Samsung had also signed an aggrement in last December to bring the mobile version Opera web browser on its few advanced hansets.

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Oracle posses new threat to Redhat

Till now there was a relatively less competition in the Linux sector for Red hat , which is considerd as a celerbated leader in the open source software market but a single move by the Oracle which is also a celebrated leader in the database software market is going to be lethal for Redhat.

Raleigh based Redhat distributes open source Linux for free and it does not seek money from this .The comapny makes money by selling services and support.

Now the problem for Redhat starts when Oracle CEO Larry Ellison recently announced that their company will provide the same services and support for the Redhat's products at a 50% discount.

Market react on this suddenly , Redhat's shares tumbled 24% after this news. As the organisation of Oracle is vastly superior Redhat had to change their business model to overcome this situation. Few experts say that even Redhat will not be able to survive to this aggresive move of Oracle.

They have reasons for it, california based Oracle is a $14.4 billion company in comparision to $278 million of Redhat according to last year results. Oracle have 7000 employees in support service alone while Redhat is having a total of 1,800 employees.

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Giants looking to bluetooth for Video sharing inside home

Now transferring of video inside home is going to be more easier because now electronics giants are opting to use Bluetooth techonolgy for the exchange of Video files inside home. But as we know present Bluetooth devices are not able to meet the standard required for transfering Video files of large size easily. So these companies are working on incresing the capabilities of Bluetooth devices.

At least 10 megabits per second is required for the video file transfer easily but as i said todays Bluetooth devices are not so capable they can only transfer data at a rate of 1 megabits per second. Electronic giants said that they are developing Bluetooth devices which can transfer data at a rate of 100 Megabitsper second.

Two groups the Wimedia alliance says they will make Bluetooth devices which can transfer data at rate 100 times faster than todays by 2008.

Members of these groups like Microsoft , Intel are seeing a future in the home appliances connectivity. Few days Bill gates said that they are working on a Server which connects and maintains home systems.

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Yahoo announced Yahoo Go 2.0 for mobile

Internet search engine giant Yahoo has announced the newer and updated version of Yahoo Go 2.0 mobiles phones in Las Vegas at Consumer Electronic Show.Company has planned to distribute this software in preloaded form as well as user can download too it.Yahoo has typed with Mobile manufacturing giants like Nokia, Samsung electronics, Motorola etc.

Though this software was in market for a year but it was not so much user friendly but now company claims that it has enhanced it features to a great extent and has added features like
Onesearch which will perform an enhanced search for getting usefull information for users from a directory of local businesses and maps. Sounds good.

Experts eyes this event an attempt to compete with search engine rival Google which is also providing search facilities for mobile users including various others features. Both Yahoo and Google eyes an huge potential in the mobile market as the new mobile handset generation has opened many fields for the internet comapnies.

Years ago mobile phone users were completely dependent over their service providers for the services which they were using on their mobile handsets but new breed of mobile handsets with
better service technology has allowed the internet companies to step in the brand new unexplored market.

Though cell phone operators still control which applications can run on phones that operate on their networks these limitations is now reducing because these comapnies are now ready to work with cellphone operaters and designing special content for mobile phone users..

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Clip + sling for sharing and uploading video on internet

Sling Media has announced its latest innovation for internet Video file sharing and uploading , at Consumer Electronic show 2007.

This technique is in beta testing now .Comapny called it clip +sling.Comapny claims that there latest innovation is going to make uploading and sharing of video files on the internet easy.

CBS a media giant is also backing this technology for the future use over internet.This Clip + sling will be in the market in second quater of 2007.

The company eyes this technology will help to create and expand a legal video uploading community on the internet around the world.

Well this is the requirement of time , (Youtube , largest video sharing portal on internet is facing a court case over sex video of Model and former wife of great football player Ronaldo , Daniela Cicarelli and now that video has been posted on google video , another Video sharing portal) lets see how much this innovation is going to help in Legal Video uplaoding case.I think Daniela Cicarelli needs this innovation emplemented right now.

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Flaw in Microsoft windows Vista

Though Microsoft new operating System after Windows XP in 2001 Windows Vista, about which Microsoft claims that it is there safest platform developed ever, is yet to be launched for general user this january but a flaw has been discovered in it.

Microsoft had launched Windows Vista for bulk users in november last year.This is the first report about the flaw in windows Vista.

Actually a report about the flaw was posted on a russian website recently. Microsoft and independent security agencies and resechers paid attention to this flaw. They found that in the case of this flaw, hacker must have had the physical approach to the system and then he made the system vulnerable by working on it's setting or he asked the system owner to install a rouge software.

But as they told that it was not purely a hacking case, flaw was not created or discovered by the remote access to the system.

They told that even a usual security patch which microsoft releases every second tuesday of every month is sufficient for this kind of problem for the older windows system which are affected by this flaw too.

For the better security this time Microsoft also redesigned its flagship operating system for the purpose of reduction of exposure of users to destructive programs on the internet.

Some security reserchers claims that Vista is such a complex product which can never be free from errors, they further adds Microsoft had to wait for them(flaws) , certainly security vulnerability will appear.

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A complete facelift to new Word

This year on january 30 microsoft has planned to launch the new revamped WORD that is really different in looks and layout and according to experts it is going to frustrate only those users who are heavily got used to of old Word by working on it for a decade long time.This doen't mean that old users will not be able to use Word efficiently but initially they are going to face some difficulty as there is no usual pull down menus by just clicking on them but Microsoft has introduced a new horizontal bar called ribbon , that replaced older pull down menu system.

Now this ribbon contains the word commands.Though users of Mac operating system are not going to face any difficulty beacuse they will find the ribbon familiar, commands are just slightly different.

Microsoft claims that they have developed the Word 2007 by the help of a wide and greater market research for years.They claims that it is going to increase the efficincy of the users and hence will lead towards greater productivity as its development is largely based on constant feedbacks by users and greater fundamental researchs.

Yes,we are agree with this point of research and hard work ofMicrosoft as the looks and new added features are extremely fabulous.Its new ribbion design is going to promote faster and easier word processing as the microsoft claims but it will consume time as users are not familiar to its new design specially"The ribbon" feature.

As we talking about it new features they are just fabulous and an improvement is there, like it have direct to blog publishing and contextual spell checker.Helper is polite too.The users who care about looks are just going to get excited because coloured themes are also present, which are really cool. A better integration with Outlook,Excell and other office softwares is there.

No question about that this time Word has become more powerfull which is a good news for the more than 430 million users of it around the world. Microsoft had done a great job by giving a complete facelift to Word which earns most revenue among the Microsoft office softwares. Overall Microsoft Word 2007 is a distinctly elegant product.

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How to remove Adobe bug

There is a method to become safe from the phishing attack that was generated by Adobe reader bug .First good news is that Adobe had removed that flaw from the newer version of Adobe reader version 8. For Internet Explorer Version 7 and version 6 (with Xp service pack 2) are safe from this kind of attack. In case of Mozilla firefox , firefox with Adobe reader version 8 are completely safe andare in out of danger zone, the problem lies with the firefoxwith Adobe reader version 7 or later.

Another way is that you can use another PDF reader other than Adobe reader for viewinf PDF files wich doesn't have this flaw likeFOXIT reader.This PDF file viewer is completely free, faster and even more secure than Adobe reader.

For using FOXIT reader first you have to unistall Adobe reader. After uninstalling this from your system you will find that its all plugins are removed from the internet explorer but Firefox still contains its plugins.

To remove it plugins from the firefox too , type "about:plugins" (without the quotes) into the address bar, and then find the name of the file listed as the plug-in for Adobe (mine was called "nppdf32.dll") and then use Windows Explorer to browse to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins and delete that file.

Now close the Firefox completely before being able to delete it. The next time you go to open up a PDF file with Foxit, you'll need to tell Mozilla Firefox where to find the program (C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Foxit Reader.exe) and check the box that tells Firefox to always open PDFfiles with Foxit.

Now you are completely safe from the famous Adobe reader flaw.

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How Adobe bug works

As i told you few days ago about the flaw discovered in the adobe reader version 7 by which it can be used for phishing scams or for getting personal or accounting information of the users. The problem lies with the Javascript.

The Adobe flaw is with a Javascript "feature" in Reader and the Adobe plug-ins that render PDFs in Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox Web browsers. It turns out that this feature introduces the possibility of so-called "cross-site-scripting" attacks, which involve tricking a Web site (or a user's Web browser) into displaying content from a site other than the one which is typed in the browser's address bar. Actually sometimes readers are referred to a PDF document for further information on that point or subject.

Now have a look how it happens. let us suppose you are reading any blog which contains a link to an PDF document hosted on any accounting site or any bank site. Now you are referred to that document but you are not sure what it contains but you have clicked on the link of the PDF document for further reading on that topic. Now as you click you are on the site of that bank or accounting site (for the ease let us consider a bank here as an accounting site or a site which contains record of your account) and a pdf document is opened in front of you .

Now up to here there was no danger but here the Javascript related problem starts because Adobe reader will silently realy pretty much any Javascript command.If the link present in the blog include Javascript command that tells your web browser (IE 6 and Mozillafirefox ) to launch a pop up prompt or a new web page setup by hacker(phishing) . Here the hacker designed such a page that exactly look like your bank site which now may demand to update your account information .

Expert say that link present in that blog may contain a javascript command which is just setup to transfer the money to another account(obiviously hackers accout) which can work even if you are not clicking on that thing (money transfer) like you may be asked to click on yes or no but this click for anything else is going to transfer your money even without your knowledge. looks scary....

But as i told you adobe had removed that bug from the newer version of adobe reader version 8.

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Bug in Adobe reader

A bug has been reported in the adobe reader recently. Information about the flaw in the Adobe reader software was first revealed at the annual conference of the Chaos Computer Club - a venerable German hacker group.

The flaw is found in the web browser plug-in of the Adobe Reader software. Ordinarily this allows PDF documents to be viewed in a browser window. By exploiting this hackers could use the links to PDF files stored on any website to attack vulnerable windows systems.

But till now no such activity has come to news though code for this had been generated already. Experts says that this flaw can easily be exploited to get secret information. Security researchers said malicious hackers exploiting the flaw could view victim's hard drives or use it to make phishing scams look more plausible


Click here to know what symentec says on this.

Initially it was thought that only users of the Mozilla Firefox users were at risk but now it is known that Internet Explorer users can also be targated very easily like the firefox users. Although an Upgradation task to version 8 of the Adobe Reader removes the risk of falling sytems to the flaw. Thats why web users are being urged to upgrade their Adobe reader from oldversion to new version 8 which removes the flaw.

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Are you using the same password every where ? Beware you may be an easy target for password hackers

As we know that so many people don't want to remember multiple passwords , they use same password again and again for each accounts they have.Though it reduces their complexity but it might be helpfull for the hackers.

A UN agency (International Telecommunication Union) had warned the internet users who uses the same password and User name for different accounts like Banking facility, Railway ticket, Air ticket, Car and online book store etc.The main purposeis that people uses the same user name and password for their each or most of the accounts, this helps hackers to crack your password.

According to me people should choose different user name and password for each account for a combination of them, means you can have 3 user nameand 4 passwords and you can use first user name and second password as a set for one account and second user name and first password for another account just like that.

Now let me clear that in this method you may find some difficulty specially those people who are using the one user name and password every where for a long time and they get used to of it but it is going to help you.

Remember one thing there is no gaurantee that if you are using more complex different user name and password then you are definately away from reach of hackers but this method simply hardens the work of hackers. They can try millions of passwords within seconds but it doesn't mean that you can't be safe from them.

But as far as password is concerned keep changing that regularly.It definately reduces the chances of password hack.

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People are choosing more and more safer password, reports tells the story

According to the reports about the passwords , it indicates that now a days people are choosing more and more safer passwords. A study of sample of login information from 34,000 members indicated that result.

A article about this was published on wired News by Chief technology officer of Counterpane security Agency.They obtain the login information through the Phishing Scam.They created a fake loginpage and trickled users into thinking they had to enter their credentials to access their accounts on the site. According to writer he obtained the list through his security industry friend, as he stated in his note.

The average password is 8 character long and 81 % of those passwords were consisting of alphabets and numbers means alphanumerals. The five most common passwords were : Password, password1, abc 123 ,myspace1 ,and blink182 (it is a band name). Only 3.8 % of them were a single word found in a dictionary and others include 12% were word plus a digit , two third of time the digit was 1. So for users the most common password is "password". It might seems funny but it is true and based on a study . After "password" the most common password is "password1"

Overall passwords are getting better because a majority of users uses a password which is consisting of alphanumerlas because passwords consisting of alphanumerals are considerd to be good passwords. But users still don't want to remember multiple passwords.

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YouTube,the largest video sharing portal on net now faces Celebrity video case

Video sharing Web site YouTube is blocking steamy footage showing supermodel Daniela Cicarelli in intimate scenes with her boyfriend , the company said a day after a judge ordered it to find a way to stop Brazilian viewers from seeing the video.''The video in question was removed from YouTube because it violated our terms of use,'' YouTube said on Friday in a statement attributed to spokeswoman Jaime Schopflin. ''It was recently uploaded again and we became aware of it through media reports and users flagging the content, and we removed these copies immediately.''

This issue gains a lot of publicity when this video was uploaded to Youtube last year and youtube denied to remove that video but now the court had ordered so Youtube had removed that video but still people are constantly uploading that video to youtube under different names this is making the task difficult for the youtube and supermodel Daniela Cicarelli and his present boyfriend are asking for the damage.But youtubeis saying that nearly 65000 videos uploaded to it daily to it is impossible for the site to check the every video but the flagged videos are constantly checked by staff 24x7.

YouTube said the company ''is under the jurisdiction of the US legal system, however we reach a global audience and strive to provide a community where people from around the world can share videos in a safe and lawful manner.''Judges may fine youtube as much as US $9000 for each day the video was available on the site.

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Hacking in mobile phones

The term mobile hacking is basically new in IT sector but actually it is in use with a name phishing ( for internet) and SMiShing (for mobile phones).

Thing that happens here is that people involving in this type of cases sends an SMS to the mobile phone of a person from a dating website or anything else. The message will be like this:

Dear subscriber,the free time period for the service is over now.Now you will be charged $ 1 for each day.If you want to unsubscribe fro this service,then please visit the url listed below.

Now by reading this, usually people go to that url and they unknowingly pass the secret information like credit card details or personal information. When they visit the particular url mentioned in the message then they got trapped and pass the information which attacker want. Along with this virus and spyware or trojan horse may also attck your system and hackers send them or they automatically get downloaded to ur system when you visit that page and will affect the normal functioning of your system.

Worms that infect PCs have begun to add SMiShing attacks to their menu of malicious activities as well. The VBS/Eliles worm, for instance, infects Windows PCs by opening a back door and giving the perpetrator remote access to the computer. It also launches SMiShing attacks by sending messages to cell phone customers. This particular worm targets the e-mail-SMS gateway at two mobile phone companies in Spain. Fortunately, the worm's creators weren't very sophisticated--most antivirus programs will detect the Eliles worm and delete it before it can cause trouble

Actually in the case of mobile services so many people remains confused means they are not sure about all the services activated over their mobile phones.This point also helps the hackers.

The only way to avoid this is that you must be aware of all the sevices thatare activated on your phone irrespective of this that they are free or chargeble.Just think twice when you got a message in which you are asked to go to any urlthat you don't trust for the unsubscription of any service otherwise call your coustmer care.

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additional charges! are you ready to pay?

This is not related to technology anymore but this is a fact that will leave you stunned. According to a news channel , In india the people who do not care about the tax applied on them through bill when they are enjoying in restaurants and hotels.They have been sucked by their restaurant owners by applying additonal tax on them or we can say hidden tax.The person who know about this tax can ask the hotel officials to cut it down and by doing this he can save a good amount of money.

In INDIA VAT(value addedd tax) is applied in hotels and restaurants too which is 12.5%.We
use to pay this amount to the hotels in bills by a 12.5% on the 100% of the total bill amount
but the fact is that government impose tax only at the 60% of the bill means if we are having a
dinner in a reastrurent and the bill generated is of 100 bucks then we have to pay 100+
(12.5% of 60) =107.5 bucks not 112.5 which
they are demanding.

Actually we have to calculate the tax as 7.5% on the 100% of the amount (it will be same if we are going to calculate 12.5% on the60% of the amount). Generally they are charging 100+(12.5 % of 100)=112.5 bucks which is wrong.This is the differnece when we calculating it for just 100 bucks what forthose who are paying thousands of bucks in their bill.

And another thing is that they are charging 12.5% on the bear and other drinks served in their hotels but according to the government no tax is imposed on it.this is compeletely charge free because one time tax is taken already by the government.By this way hotel owners are earning millions.

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Wibree ahead of bluetooth

A mobilephone giant NOKIA stated that it had developed a technolgy which is far more better than bluetooth and it will less consume less battery too. As we know that BLUETOOTH is greately used for sharing the data or transfering the data over electronic instruments like mobilephones , printer, computer etc. BLUETOOTH become famous when usersfound it usefull for sharing data for free between mobile phones after its invention by ERRICSON in 1990.

Approximately over 5 million electronic instruments around the world uses BLUETOOTH and now NOKIA had developed WIBREE against bluetooth.

As the chairman of NOKIA RESERCH CENTRE Bob enanci claims thatit will consume one tenth less energy than BLUETOOTH. NOKIA is working on it over five years. Wibree chip works only in the range of 30 yards which is less than bluetooth and it can also be used in few new fields in which bluetooth was not used. NOKIA is focusing on three main instruments watches , health
instruments and sports instruments. but it is obvious that this technology will also be used in the mobile phones.

Nokia eyes over watches as wibree users

But the main drawback is that it can send data at the rate of 1 mbps whic is one third of the bluetooh capacity.Nokia announced that technology will be in market till 2nd half of the 2007 and wewill be able to use it in mobile phones in the 2009 or more but not less than 2 years. Well nokia we are waiting for it.

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Self destructive message(SMS)

A company of britain STALIUM has launched a new service called self destruct in which a mobile SMS will be deleted itself after 40 seconds.Comapany said that this system is develpoed for those who don't want to be blackmailed by the use of their SMSes. Comapny said that many politicians , players and industrial world has shown a great response to thier servise. Actually in Britain this has become common to misuse the SMS specially in the case of celebrities like in the case of David Beckham the english football icon, his former secretory Rebeka made his sms public which created a lot of panic for david and his marriage was at the stake at that time.

company stated that thousands of people had registered themselves for the new service.The service costs 50 pens per message. For enabling and using this service users have to download a software on thier mobile phoes . After reading the message, which will come in the form of a link to recievers phone,reciever will found that the message has diappeared in 40 seconds.Though message is deleted from the recievers phone but it remain safe on the server of the company for legal reasons but donn't worry any user could not access the server.

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