Download AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition, absolutely free

AVG anti virus professional edition now can be downloaded for free up to 17 jan 2008.Computer active is providing this facility.

Download AVG Anti virus Pro edition

You can also download it from mirror 1 [rapid share] or from mirror 2 [Mega upload].This version can be used for purpose only.

Hurry! why i am saying this is because of this "This download is for Computeractive magazine readers only. Do not spread this download information and do not host this software elsewhere. Due to the popularity of this software download, our servers are slow but are working. Try later if you experience problems. Please be patient."
This is hosted on computer active site which is providing this download.

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How to send large attachments via email

If you want to send large files via emails,then you can't do it with Gmail or Yahoo because they the restriction of 20 MB max file attachments.Here is the new service which will allow the users to email the files of size up to 2 GB,yes 2 GB.

This is which will allow any body to send files up to 2 Giga bytes in size.By this you can send movies,mp3,video files which are generally large in size, without splitting.
This is very easy to use 'file sharing service'.What you have to do is to just upload your files to the site and insert the email addresses to which to want to send these files.

Your work is done now.

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How to lock your PC via USB Drive

USB drive can be used for locking your PC.Speedapps has a software USB PC Lock Pro which can do this for you.USB PC Lock Pro Turns any USB Flash Drive into a key that prevents unauthorized people from using your computer. USB PC Lock will automatically lock your computer and perform other actions when you step away from it.

Key Features:

Lock worksation when you step away.
Lock MSN Messenger.
Stop streaming media traffic.
Mute audio.
Start/Stop event logger.
Start/Stop batch.

Download[USB PC Lock Pro]

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Downthemall,Firefox addon as download manager

There are plenty of Firefox Extensions and Add-ons one can install to make browsing easier and more fun; however, there are also extensions that are more or less necessary compared to being just luxuries. DownThemAll is one of these vital Add-ons. With DownThemAll, one can scan all the embedded files on a website, including flash videos, mp3 music, images, and most other media sources. Its handy filter and Firefox integrated system allow for a smooth operation to get us the files we want. In addition, an advanced accelerator can speed up downloads up to 400%! Unlike many other bragging download engines, this accelerator actually works.

DownThemAll (or just dTa) is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser.

DownThemAll lets you download all the links or images contained in a webpage and much more: you can refine your downloads by fully customizable criteria to get only what you really want.

DownThemAll is all you can desire from a download manager: it features an advanced accelerator that increases speed up to 400%, it allows you to pause and resume downloads at any time and, last but not least, it’s fully integrated into your web browser.

Downthemall[Firefox plugin]

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person gets mobile bill of $85,000 or 34 lakhs

An 22yr old Oil Field worker from Calgary,Canada -Piotr Staniaszek got an whooping 85000 dollar mobile phone bill . It was due to his mobile browsing charges. He had signed up for a $150 unlimited data service from Bell Canada

He happily connected his phone to his computer and downloaded tons of data including movies and games.

But his happiness turned sour when he got a 85000 dollar bill . The operator was charging him on a per-kilobyte basis for mobile downloads on his PC.

Bell has reduced his bill to 3243 dollars as a measure of goodwill but Staniaszek is still unhappy over the episode. But he must feel a bit better paying 3243 dollars compared to 85000.

The lesson - Next time make sure you read between the lines before taking up any new service. Its better to ask upfront than paying a hefty price later

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Connect your PC to TV

These are the few ways in which you can connect your PC to your TV.

1. S-Video - This is probably the most common method out there currently because an S-Video cable is cheap as heck and just about every TV under the sun has a S-Video port. You’ll have to make sure you laptop is equipped with this port. Remember, there are two types of S-Video cables: 4-pin and 7-pin. Most laptops and PC’s are equipped with a 7-pin port, so if your TV only has a 4-pin S-Video port, then this method will not work.

2. VGA - If you have a HDTV, then you will be better off connecting using a VGA cable. It gives much better quality than S-Video and as with S-Video, the cable is very cheap. You usually won’t find a VGA port on regular TV’s though, so this option is if you have an HDTV.

3. DVI - DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface with “digital” being the key word there. The digital signal will give a higher quality picture than either S-Video or VGA. Of course, your computer will need to have a DVI connection and your TV will need to be an HDTV. This cord is definitely not cheap, it ranges anywhere from $40 to $80.

4. HDMI - Using HDMI will give you the best quality by far. No computers that I know of yet have HDMI ports, but you can get a DVI to HDMI cable to connect it to your HDTV. HDMI is compatible with DVI.

5. Scan Converter Box - This is the last method that I could think of and it involves using a scan converter box, which takes a VGA signal and converts it into S-Video or component video.

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VLC media player's keyboard shortcuts

Here is the list of vlc media player key board short cuts

Space Play/Pause
s Stop
+ Play faster
- Play Slower
t Position
n Next Item
p Previous Item
f Fullscreen
m Mute
Shift+Rt Arrow Forward 3 seconds
Shift+Lt Arrow Backward 3 seconds
Alt+Rt Arrow Forward 10 seconds
Alt+Lt Arrow Backward 10 seconds
Ctrl+q Quit
Ctrl+Up Arrow Volume up
Ctrl+Dn Arrow Volume down

Ctrl+Rt Arrow Forward 1 minute
Ctrl+Lt Arrow Backward 1 minute

Ctrl+r Record
Video Snapshot
Ctrl+m DVD Menu

Ctrl+p Select Previous DVD Title
Ctrl+n Select Next DVD Title

Ctrl+B Bookmarks
Ctrl+P Playlist
Ctrl+I Stream, Media Info
Ctrl+S Preferences
Ctrl+G Extended GUI

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How to break,hack Windows Xp password

If you want to hack or break the password of any windows Xp system then you should have physical access to the system and then follow these simple steps.

In case of user password boot the pc in safe mode by pressing the F8 key and then selecting the Safe Mode option. You can now log on as an administrator and XP wont prompt for the password. Incase of an administrator account try rebooting the pc in DOS.
access C:\Windows\system32\config\sam . Rename SAM as SAM.mj

Now XP wont ask for password next time You Login. Also

Go to the cmd prompt .
Type net user *.
It will list all the users.
Again type net user "administrator" or the name of the administrator "name" *.
e.g.: net user aaaaaa *(where aaaaaa is the name).
It will ask for the password.
Type the password and there you are done.
Logging In As Administrator:

Hold the Ctrl-Alt key and press Del twice. This will bring up the normal login and you can log on as Administrator.

To unhide the Administrator account so it does show up:

Start Regedit

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ SpecialAccounts \ UserList

Unhide the Administrator key by giving it a value of 1

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Make your web browser more safe before performing a transaction online

Some of the user might consider their web browser like Mozilla firefox,internet explorer etc. safe while performing online transactions even when they have add ons installed on them.Do you know that some of the add ons might be a hole in your web browser security.

If you have ever done online banking ,paid your house hold utility bills from your internet bank account ,or you may have used your credit card to purchase something from online products websites like ebay,amazon etc. then you might be aware of risk of security breach while doing these online money transactions.

So to minimize this risk you should use your web browser in safe mode.Some of you might ask a question "is there any safe mode for web browser ?".Yes it is there.You can enable them by following these simple steps.


1. Right click on the FireFox shortcut
2. In the target path append -safe-mode
For Example: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -safe-mode

3. Now start firefox with this shortcut you had changed and select the check box which says: Disable All Add-ons


Internet Explorer 6.0 always runs without add-ons by default even then you can view the add-ons currently enabled in your internet explorer by the procedure given below.

1. File Menu>>Tools>>Manage Add-ons
2. In the opened window you can enable / disable add-ons.

If You are using Internet Explorer 7 then to start IE7 without add-ons follow the procedure given below

1. Press Window+R
2. Type iexplore -extoff or append -extoff as shown below in the path of the ie7 shortcut.
3. "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff

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Voz me:Let your user listen your post

Voz me is a nice online tool that enables the user to listen the articles over internet. It is a free web based tool to convert text into MP3 audio. VozMe converts the text you type/copy to a textbox provided into an mp3 file, which can be downloaded and used anywhere. You can also integrate VozMe to your websites, blogs etc. VozMe also provides a Google gadget to add to your Google homepage (iGoogle).

This also provide the facility for web masters to incorporate this service with their site or blog by inserting its java script code.The quality of sound is good.

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How to disable download history in Fireofx

Firefox always remembers the items that you have downloaded from the internet because in Firefox this option is by default enabled.So as per the by default instructions, Firefox keep the record of items that you download.

It is not always that you want to keep that record in you web browser.It may vary according to your use,sharing of system,types of downloads etc.If you want to keep it then its ok,Firefox is going to do this with out any change but if you want to disable this auto remembering feature of your downloads by your web browser then follows these simple steps. on tools-->Options on privacy tab
3.and uncheck the box remember what i have downloaded

Now your Firefox web browser will not keep the record of your downloads.

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Hide text ,online tool for converting text to image

As the name sounds, Hidetext is an online tool that allows you to convert any text to an image. The question arises, why would a person need that, its just not fun. The big thing is some webmasters want to hide or want some privacy over their data, and to save their information from being indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, this technique is used. There are many softwares available in the market, but this is the first one I have came across, which is an online tool and provide services for free, along with free image hosting.

This online tool also allows you to convert text to images but with limited fonts sizes. It also allows you to hide single email IDs. Currently it support Gmail, Yahoo and some more… when you are done with it, you can delete the file from the server.

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List of Top 11 online video converter

Here is the list of some of the top online video converters.These converters are widely used and appreciated applications.

1.Youconvertit:Probably the best,converts approximately all formats .Read more

2. - Online Free FLV Converter. It can convert YouTube videos to Popular Video formats like AVI, DivX, MOV, MPEG4, 3GP,MP4, MP3, iPod Video and PSP Video. Files are converted instantly and it shows the Ajax conversion progress bar.

3. FLVix : FLVix can Convert videos from YouTube, Google Video or directly from .FLV file. Supported formats are AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP3, MP4.

4. ZamZar: Free Online file conversion service. It can convert your online videos to a number of video formats. The converted files are sent via email.

5. All2Convert : It can convert videos from Youtube. You can also upload FLV files from PC. Very fast video conversion.

6. Tubefish : Tubefish video converter can convert your videos instantly to MPEG, AVI, MOV, 3GP and Divx.

7. Movavi : Movavi is another online video converter. It notifies via email when converted files are ready to download.

8. VideoCodeZone - It can convert videos from Youtube, daily motion, break, metacafe. Supports various popular video formats.

9. Media Converter : Media Convert is an online media converter. It requires registration for converting videos from youtube.

10. Vconvert : Vconvert can Convert online flv and youtube videos to compatible formats for your iPod/iPhone, mobile phone.

11. Convert Tube : Another Instant Online Video Converter. It can convert videos to MP3, MP4, MOV and 3GP.

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Fring ! Make free calls via mobile phone

Fringland Ltd. is a Israel based pvt. company that develops mobile softwares.This company has developed a cell phone software or application that enables the cell phone user to make free calls from the web enabled cellphone by using their mobile web application FRING.Its a mobile voice over IP application that allows you to make free mobile calls and send instant messages.

You can download this application from the site[Here].This service can be used on 3G or Wi-Fi Symbian 8 or 9, Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and UIQ handsets with 3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi network coverage and there should be at least 200-375kb of available space on memory card or phone.

Since this consumes lot of bandwidth so users are suggested to have a unlimited internet data plan.This is a very nice and stunning mobile web application that is going to be a revolution in the cell phone software and application development industry.

Here is the video that can help you to how to use this mobile phone software.

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How to remove heap41a (anti firefox) virus

This virus heap41a not only blocks Firefox but also Google sites like Orkut, Youtube & some other too except If you open any of these sites in any other browser it closes down the browser & again gives a message "orkut is banned you fool, The administartor didn't write the program guess who did? Muhahaha!!!" or "I didn't hate mozilla but use IE or else".

This virus is not a hardcore type virus means it doesn't cause any serious harm but tries to reduce or finish the use of firefox or Google group.

How to remove Heap41a virus :

1. Go to c:/heap41a
2. You will see some files in that folder naming Reproduce.txt, Copy.txt, etc.
3. Just delete all the files present there in that folder.
4. Some file may not be deleted as they may be currently running on your system.
5. Reboot your system & keep pressing F8.
6. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
7. After logging in you will the command prompt window.
8. If your default directory shown there is not “C:\” then type “cd\” & hit enter.
9. Now type this command “del heap41a”.
10. Now reboot your system & start the windows normally. Your system is now free from heap41a virus.

Now you can access google services and firefox also.

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How to clear your RAM without restarting your system

When you continuously use system for hours then at a stage system speed start retarding, This is because of the RAM.Actually when system runs then program occupies the memory location on the RAM according to use and when program closes, respective memory locations are to be freed so that other application can use this memory.This goes on but when system continuously runs for a long time then these memory locations are not freed and occupied perfectly and hence few memory locations remain occupied.This causes the system to slow down.

RAM is to be cleared for efficient functioning of the system.For doing this you can either restart the system or can use this simple trick to free the RAM for windows 2000 or later.

1. Right click anywhere on your desktop.
2.Point over “New”, then select “Shortcut”.
3.Copy the below line (as it is):

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

4.Paste it there & click “Next”.
5.Give it a name like Clear RAM
6.That’s it, run it every time your computer goes slow.

You can also enhance it looks by providing it a Icon by right click--> properties->change icon.

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How to add password to your zipped files and folders

Today the best way to send data across is via Emails and to send some data across you might be required to zip a file so as to make it a single file. Now you can make your data more secure by just adding password to zip files.

To add password to your zipped files and folders:-

  1. Copy all your files in a folder and right click “Send to” –> “Compressed Zip Folder“.
  2. Now open the zip folder, and select the folder there.
  3. Go to file –> “Add a password…

4. and type in the password you want for your files.

However you cannot assign password to a single file or folder. This is the way you can make your files and folder more secure while sending them via internet, and safe on your computer as well.

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How to shut down windows in a second

Usually when you shut down windows while working on an application the windows prompts you the warning message and you have to deal with that for shutdown.It takes a lot of time.This is not necessary that you shut down windows without closing an application/s always but even though it takes a lot of time.

Here is the trick by which you can shutdown your windows in seconds means really really quick. For this type shutdown -f -t 0 in the run prompt.This will shutdown your system immediately without wasting time whatever is the number of applications are running on your operating system.

This trick is very very useful when you are accessing any blocked content in college and any authority notices you then before the arrival of the authority you can shutdown your PC with out actually pressing restart button.

NOTE:Make sure to save any unsaved data before doing this because it will not allow the system to save any data automatically.

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How to enable group chat in Gtalk

Group chat was the important feature that the Gtalk was lacking because the major competitor like Yahoo messenger was providing the same feature a lot before.Group chat enables you to chat with more than one friend in the same window and they can also do the same means like every one is chatting with each friend in the group.

This feature is also available in the Gtalk, do you know that?Might be.Actually you can do group chat in Gtalk only with Gtalk gadget.First launch the gtalk gadget after signing in click on the button on the top of the window,see snap shot.

This will enable you to chat in group.You can send invitation to your friends and If your friends are using Gmail chat or the downloadable Google Talk client, their invitation will launch the Google Talk Gadget.

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Search,download MP3 on internet by special search engine

However Google provides a special method by which you can search MP3 files over internet and can download MP3 files from internet.But Google is not something which is totally dedicated to MP3 search like beemp3.This is a dedicated MP3 search engine on which you can search MP3 files over the internet.

You can search in four categories like song ,artist,album and all.This search engine has a attractive interface.It also shows you US,EURO and world top 10 and last 200 searches made on this search engine.

This is what they announce about them self " BeeMP3 is a music search engine for locating an mp3-audio files over the Internet.

We don't host any files - our crawler searches through the Net and indexes all the brand new and popular songs for Your comfortable and fast search.
Today we have 800 000 mp3 files in our search database and approximately 10 000 files are added daily."

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Download all latest service packs from microsoft

Recently Microsoft has launched several service to their products which are the biggest release after the release of Windows Vista.Service pack are like all past update since the release of software or last service pack.Here is the list of available services packs that you can download.

Microsoft windows vista service pack 1 RC
Microsoft windows XP sevice pack 3
Microsoft® Office Language Pack 2007: Office Language Pack 2007 SP1
Microsoft® Office Project 2007: Office Project 2007 SP1
Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Designer 2007: Office SharePoint Designer 2007 SP1
Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007: Office Visio 2007 SP1
Microsoft Office 2007 SP1 - 218 MB

Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Microsoft Office InterConnect 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Microsoft Office Language Pack 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Microsoft Office Project Language Pack 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Microsoft Office Visio Language Pack 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Microsoft Office Visio Viewer 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

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Listen wikipedia articles in MP3 or via SMS

Now you can listen the wikipedia articles in MP3 audio format.There is Germany based internet company PEDIAPHON which allows the users to listen any wikipedia article. Definitely they are using the text to speech conversion application.This is snap shot from the website which clears lot of things.

When i tried to make MP3 of article related to All time great cricket player Sachin tendulkar , Then the result was this.See the snap shot.

They generated MP3 file along with the playlists for winamp,windows media player and Itunes .

They also have a facility which enables the users to listen the articles via sms. Send a SMS with the keyword "pedia" blank "en" (lower case) SEARCH WORD (a term in the Wikipedia to look up want you) to: +49-151-59111661.This is Germany based number so for others international rates are applied.

After that wait 2 minutes and then call (with the same telephone, and/or same number of sender) the land line German number:+492311774088 ,International rates are applied. The announcement starts automatically. (if somewhat went wrong, and/or the number cannot be assigned to the SMS, there is a busy signal without a unit lost.)

Users can access this service via wap also.Wap interface for pediaphon is

Note: Company says it coming to UK and US soon.

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3.A simple trick to search wikipedia via yahoo
4.How to use Google and wikipedia together

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How to share a internet connection using vista

Some of you might have one internet connection and more than one system at home.So you might be interested in sharing the single internet connection between the two systems rather than using separate internet connection for each system which is quite costly.

Let’s assume there are two computers A and B. Computer A runs on Windows Vista and Computer B runs on Windows XP.

Computer A is connected to Internet via cable, so this will be connected through a LAN card. Now to connect computer B, you will need another LAN card in computer A or if you want to connect to more than one computer, you will need a wired hub.

How to connect two systems in LAN:

Step 1: In Vista, before doing this you should enable Sharing and Discovery. You can do that by going to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center. Under the section ‘Sharing and Discovery , enable Network discovery, File Sharing, Public folder sharing and others if you want to.

Step 2: If your LAN card that is connecting to another computer is installed, it will be shown under Control Panel -> Network Connections.

Step 3: Right click that local area connection and click properties.

Step 4: Under the tab ‘Networking’, click the properties Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) .

Step 5: Click the radio button to ‘Use the following IP’ and give an IP address (For example, IP address: and Subnet Mask:

Step 6: Don’t give any other information, Click Ok and close everything.

Step 7: In computer B, make sure you enable the LAN card which is used to connect to computer ‘A’. Here you need not give any IP information as Computer ‘A’ will assign an IP address dynamically. If it is not working make sure there are no IP assigned and change the properties to ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’.

Step 8: Test the connection by pinging. (You can do this by typing ping or whichever is Compter ‘A’s IP in the comand prompt)

Sharing the internet connection:

Right click LAN card which is connected to Internet under Control Panel -> Network Connections and click ‘Sharing’ tab and enable both the options to share Internet. (Note: Unless there is another enabled LAN setting you will not be able to see the shared tab under properties)

Click Ok and close. This option is given by the Windows OS known as ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).

Now you can use Internet from both Computer A and Computer B from a single connection.

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How to convert media files for free online

You convert is a web based conversion tool which convert media files from one format to another format.Almost all the media and document file types are supported. This includes those for the PSP, iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, 3GP phones, PDF files, etc. English and Metric unit conversions are also supported, including volumetric, area, acceleration, torque, force, mass, velocity etc.

Approximately all kind of media conversion is supported by this web based conversion tool.You can watch the list of all supported file formats on the site under supported formats tab.You will be surprised to see the length of list ,this is huge.

It takes conversion a step higher by allowing not just media conversions, but also direct file sharing, unlimited single upload size, and also a nifty unit measurement converter.

You can send files to your friend up to a whooping size of 1000 MB by using this site.This also allows you to host your file for a max limit of 7 days and you can post your file on any forum for 7 days.

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How to run vista incompatible applications

There are tons of applications that are still incompatible with windows vista but compatible with windows xp.Though the number of this kind of applications have reduced a lot but still they are in large quantity.

This kind of applications can be executed and their compatibility issue can be resolved by the use of vista itself means the vista provides such kind of feature.

For doing this, right click on the .exe file of the application which is incompatible with windows vista and then select properties.Go to compatible tab ,check the box against Run the program in compatibility mode for and then select the right operating system from the list with which the application was compatible.Also check the box against Run the program as administrator.

Now your application will be executed on windows vista using that operating systems system 32 properties.

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Disable Hardware that you do not use while working on Notebook

Most notebooks have several hardware components installed that are not used by the user. A notebook with WLAN and network card for instance and a user that only uses the WLAN to connect to a network and the Internet. Every component installed is using battery and it is a wise step to disable those components that are not used - ever.

The Wlan - Network Card example was just one possibility. Many notebooks have a card reader, DVD drive, webcams and V.90 Modems among other components. My notebook for example offers both Wlan and LAN access and I have disabled the network card which had the positive side effect that it reduced the boot time of my notebook.

I disabled the card reader and the internal modem as well because I never use those components. The DVD drive is disabled as well most of the time because I rarely use it. I don’t have the necessary test equipment to test the battery usage before and after disabling the components but I can verify that the boot process into Windows is faster than before.

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Free Web Statistics and Analytics Packages

If you are maintaining a blog or website then it is quite obvious that you want to keep track of the visitors means you want to know their location,operating system information ,visit length,page viewed etc .Whatever relevant information you could get about them,will be usefull for you.There are lots of sites and tools that can do this for you.You just have to utilize them properly.

Some of the best web statistics and analytics packages are as follows.

1. Google Analytics :

This tool is provided by google itself ,has no limitations about the log size,has a very good interface,probably the best.

Things that Google Analytics does not do.

1. You cannot see or view the IP addresses of the visitors.
2. What keywords were being used by Various search engine to reach my site.
3. Next the Full referring links cannot be viewed without hacking the package.

2. W3counter:

This is another great free Web Statistics and Analytics Package. Which provides the standard features that web packages usually provide i.e. Visits and Page Views, Feed stats, Sources, System, Browsers, Screen resolution etc. This Web Statistics package also lets you store unlimited about of stats. A good free alternative to google analytics if you find Google Analytic’s interface too complicated.

3. Addfreestats

This is quite comparable to Google Analytics though the amount of data shown is overwhelming. And the interface is extremely cluttered.

It has a drawback that it Requires you to put a small web badge, link to their website.

4. StatCounter

One of the most Popular Free Web Statistics and Analytics Package on the internet. Even though StatCounter is very popular they have a capped limit of 100 for the logs. Which makes it useful only for low traffic websites.This site has page rank 10.

5. Reinvigorate

This is a new player in the field Currently invite only. The Data is presented is a very easy on the eye and a treat to look at. Though currently it still in a beta stage so certain feature have not been fully enabled.

6. FeedBurner Statistics

This is quite simple and useful ,Google has acquired feedburner which is already providing Google analytics.


Performancing looks like a rip off of Clicky the only difference is Clicky Provides higher Storage of Stats 50,000 Page Views Per Day for Free vs the measly 1,000 page views per day by performancing.

Previously the Performancing Service had shutdown now it has relaunched and redesigned and updated the statistics Package. At one time Performancing metrics was extremely popular and did not limit or cap the amount of statistics data stored on the server. Currently the free version has a limit of 1000 page views perday which is very less. Though they claim to be better than other stats packages it remains to be seen if that is true.

8. MyBlogLog

This Stats Tool provides the most basic statistics that are relevant only for bloggers this has been acquired by Yahoo.

9. Crazy Egg

This Web tool is more focused on analyzing the Clicking behavior of the user on a webpage to to find the most popular zones on a webpage. this is especially useful for optimizing you ad placement to see where the attention of the users is being directed when they are on a webpage. Again this service is not completely free and limits the amount of stats data for the free version.

10. 103Bees & Hitail

103bees is better than Hitail since it is a completely free service and show more usable data and statistics such as highest ranked keywords, Search Questions etc.

These are real time analysis highly focused on natural search engine traffic analytics. They provides tons of detailed statistics and in-depth information on the search terms that drive targeted traffic to your websites.

These are indispensable tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing.


*Powerful web statistics reporting engine
* ALL GoStats features are completely unlocked
* You may choose to fully hide the counter or display as much web traffic data as you want
* Vistitor traffic displayed on the world map
* Min/max stats
* Custom period stats display
* High priority email response from GoStats support
* Feature rich, account management control panel
* Optional listing in the top sites list
* Comprehensive overview of the last 1000 guests

The list does not ends here .internet has tons of them but few other are etc are the others.

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A must have add on for Internet EXplorer 7 ! IE7 pro

IE7 pro is a add on that your internet explorer must have.Add ons are not much familiar with internet explorer means we usually heard about add on for mozilla firefox but IE7 Pro is quite usefull in this case.

IE7Pro is a must to have add-on that will take your browsing experience with IE7 to the next level. The add-on has tons of useful and powerful features and it tempts me to move away from Firefox, my favorite browser.

This add-on has over 15 powerful features and are as follows:

* Tabbed Browsing Management
* Web Accelerator
* User Agent Switcher
* Webpage Capturer
* AD Blocker
* Flash Block

* Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform
* Support for User created Plug-ins
* Spell Check
* Inline Search
* Super Drag Drop
* Crash Recovery
* Proxy Switcher
* Mouse Gesture
* Tab History Browser

Brief overview of IE7Pro add-on

  • The super drag and drop features lets your submit the selected text to a search engine of your choice.
  • To configure the features of IE7Pro, you can either use the IE7Pro preferences in the tools menu to access some of the options or via the IE7Pro icon in the status bar of Internet Explorer.
  • Proxy switcher feature lets you switch between different proxy servers of your choice and availability.
  • IE7Pro lets you save screen shot of an entire page as an image. This is of one my favorite features in IE7Pro.
  • Ad blocker in IE7Pro blocks unwanted ads and makes your browsing experience better.

This makes me think if Microsoft doesn’t has enough people to create these features as defaults in browser or they just don’t have innovative thought process? Anyway!

To download IE7Pro, click here. Or, visit the website of IE7Pro or forum, in case you need some help.

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optimizes and increases the speed of your downloads and uploads by GetRightPro

There are lots of internet download managers which increase the speed of your downloads but here is even more feature-filled version of the award winning GetRight Download Manager and Download Accelerator software for Windows. GetRight Pro simply improves, optimizes and increases the speed of your downloads and uploads.

Features of Getright pro v6.3 :

* Upload Files - GetRight Pro can easily upload files. You can set it so with just a few clicks, it can upload all the changed files for your website.
* Smart Replace - A GetRight Pro Exclusive! Ensure your important files are available for your users to download, even when you are in the middle of uploading.
* Advanced Scripting - you can program GetRight Pro to automate all of its features in just the way you need.
* Web Access - you can control GetRight Pro running on your computer from anywhere in the world.

download [GetRight pro]

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How to send encrypted and secure emails

In an office there are possibilities that either you boss or your company is monitoring your emails and reading them secretly.If you are not sure about it, even then its better to send the private email secretly.

There is an online method for doing this,this is lockbin. There are five stages for doing this.

1. accept their terms and conditions
2. prove that you are not a robot means image verification.
3. type the private message

4.enter the secret word
5.enter your and your friends emails and names.

Actually this site does not ask you to register yourself just for privacy purpose.You might be thinking of secret word,what is it.Actually this is similar how banks send ATM cards to user.They send ATM card via another mailing system and its key via another courier etc.So only the true end user can use it.Here is the same.You are supposed to send the secret word to your friend by another means like by call,mail or by another email.

Only after receiving the secret word your friend can access the secret word.Your friend will receive an email from lockbin.Follow the link and then follow these four steps.

1.accept the agreement
2.image verification
3.enter the secret word your message.

They do have limitations for accessing the secret message they will delete it from database when recipient reads the message.

Is it safe,this is what they say about this " Nothing is perfect, and neither is this, but it is certainly safer than sending sensitive data directly through email."

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How to convert PDF,RTF,DOC,XLS, into HTML and text file online

To convert a PDF,XLS,DOC,RTF document in to HTML document online you can use your Gmail account. Compose a mail and attach any PDF,XLS,DOC,RTF document into it and send it to your own Gmail account means simply write your own email address in To: section.

After that you will receive the email from your address and when you will open this , it will be like this.Then select view as HTML.

Another way of doing this is to use online converter by adobe itself but this is limited up to the conversion of PDF files in to HTML or TEXT files. It is not applicable for other kind of documents like XLS,DOC,RTF.

There are two methods for doing this via email or by adobe site itself.

Via email:

Mail you PDF attachment to for converting your PDF file into text file and send your attachment to for converting your PDF document in to HTML document.After doing this you will recieve email from Adobe with the converted document.

Via adobe online conversion tool:

What you have to do is go to adobe online conversion tool where you can provide the url of the PDF document and select output format for it and then convert it to either HTML or TEXT file.

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How to hack orkut accounts

First get firefox and the cookie editor plugin for it...they will be required in this operation.

Then make two fake accounts...u will ned one to receive the cookie and one to advertise your script so that if orkut starts deleting such profiles your real account wont be compromised.Its your choice.

111,111,107,105,101)); nobody.action='Scrapbook.aspx?Action.writeScrapBasic';

U see the 62915936 part? Thats the one u need to edit to get the cookie to your account.....

Now here is the script Code:


1) Go to YOUR ALBUM section.

2) Go to ANY photo and right click on it , see the properties of your display image...u will see something like 12345678.jpg

3) There will be a eight digit value.

4) Now put that value in the above javascript.

5) Thats it.

Now your javascript will look like:


Now give this script to the victim , ask him to go to his scrap book and paste this script in his address bar and press enter. now you ll get his cookies in your scrapbook.

Now after getting a cookie...

1) Go to your home page

2) Open the cookie editor plugin(TOOLS-->COOKIE EDITOR).

3) Type orkut in the text box and click filter/refresh.look for orkut_state cookie.

4) Just double click it and replace the orkut_state part with your victims. No need to change the _umbz _umbc part...


ANOTHER SCRIPT : (100%working)




Put ur eight digit number in the place of (53093255)

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howzzdat ! jammie lynn, sister of britney spears is pregnant

Yes, this is the news circulating around the blogosphere.Jamie-Lynn Marie Spears (born April 4, 1991) is an American actress, singer and better known as the sister of Britney Spears.. She is best known for starring in the Nickelodeon television series Zoey 101.

She is of just 16 and now she is pregnant.Though this is not the first case of a pregnant teen but it has raised few question around it self.Britney was surprised over this while her mother said her daughter was not that kind of girl and she is shocked over this.

Well somebody should go and give the Jamie parenting tutorial.

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how to use Google and Wikiepdia together

When you are looking for some information over the internet then there are chances that you search Google and Wikipedia both.Its not hard and fast rule that you did it always whenever you search something but up to a extent its true for me.

So if you are interested in using Google and wikipedia together then there is firefox add on for this called Googlepedia.This fetches relevant Wikipedia articles right next to each Google search results.It uses Google's I'm Feeling Lucky(tm) feature to find relevant articles.It also have features like turns internal Wikipedia links into Google search links, links images directly to their full-sized versions, removes Google AdWords from pages.

It seems promising because of its performance.It automatically detects your language settings from Google and then search the respective wikipedia.It also contains a hide button by which you can disable this.

Install [Googlepedia]

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Microsoft Windows vista service pack 1 is available now

Microsoft has released the most awaited update of the year ,.service pack 1 for its latest operating system windows vista.Microsoft has released 5 documents for this.

They are
1-Deployment guide for Vista SP1
2-Enterprise Guidance for Application Compatibility Testing
3-Hotfixes and Security updates
4-Notable Changes in Windows Vista
5-Overview of Windows Vista SP1

you can download Microsoft windows vista service pack 1 [here].

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How to create secret partition in Windows

You might have heard in news about the investigation reports that the investigators have found a secret partition in the computers that they were investigating.This is supposed to be a very tough task and usually normal computers users does not indulge in the activities like this it might be because that they don't know how to do this or they don't have such a situation to hide the data so secretly.

So if you want to create a secret partition or want to hide a partition in windows then this post is for you.Drives can be hidden using the Registry editor. To open the Windows Registry go to start->run , type regedit and hit enter. Now navigate to the Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Policies \Explorer if you want to hide drives for the current user or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \policies \Explorer if you want to hide them for all users and create a new Dword (right-click free space on the right pane, select New > Dword) and name it NoDrives.

Now you have to deal with the value of this NoDrives.Enter the values from the table below accordingly.

Drive A: - Value 1
Drive B: - Value 2
Drive C: - Value 4
Drive D: - Value 8
Drive E: - Value 16
Drive F: - Value 32
Drive G: - Value 64
Drive H: - Value 128
Drive I: - Value 256

like in order of 2^n where the n is the number of drive in sequence e.g. the number of A is zero and B is one and so on.

You can also hide the multiple drives for this just add their values and put there, like for for drive B and C add 2+4=6 and place 6 in the value of NoDrives.

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Comparison between Top web browsers Firefox,opera & internet explorer

Here is the funny graphical comparison between the three web browser giants firefox,internet explorer and opera.It shows the clear difference between these three.Don't expect any kind of technical aspects to be discussed here in this post.Just enjoy it

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Online Videos beyond You tube ? broadcast yourself

There are several Internet users who upload and download videos from You tube only.Though You tube is the major player in the online video market but there are other players too like meta cafe, Google videos, daily motion, yahoo videos, my space, break, AOL videos, Veoh etc. Don't ignore them just because you are dealing with major player.

Though they have a very little market share but can be very use full for providing the exposure to your video.Though it might seems to be very unusual to some of the users that even after acquiring You tube Google is still running Google videos unlike the yahoo's action to yahoo photos which was closed earlier this year after Yahoo acquired Flickr.

This is different thing, what we are discussing is why should a user not remain limited only up to you tube for online videos. Some of these sites are doing good as well like Google videos has a collection of more than 11000 full length movies which might be surprising for some of the die hard you tube fans.

Internet is all about expanding horizons so don't limit yourself, just expand and broadcast yourself.

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