How to download/watch high quality versions of Youtube videos

Most of us complains about the quality of youtube videos.They are of very low quality but Youtube does this for the sake of bandwidth.But youtube also stores the high quality version of the original video that was uploaded to it by the user.

If you have high bandwidth and want to watch or download the high quality version of the desired Youtube video then you have to follow this simple trick.This trick will enable you to download or watch the higher quality version of Youtuve video of your choice.

The trick is to append &fmt=18 at the end of URL of the YouTube video you are watching. This trick will make your youtube video in good quality.Let us consider the URL of YouTube video that you are watching is

Now to watch a high quality version of the same YouTube video,you have to follow this updated link trick can be applied on any Youtube video of your choice.

Now to download any youtube video follow previous TechBuzz articles which will tell you how to download youtube video by the help of a website or by the help of a freeware.

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