Future of your blog after your death

"Every thing that has got life, has an end" This idea is not mine but this is a famous saying.You ,me and every living organism on planet follows/will follow this cycle.You know and i know,this is truth. But what about your blog?Is it also follow the same cycle?

Your blog is not a living organism and if there is any one who can look after your blog after you, then its life can be more than that of yours.I am not sure about blogger but wordpress is ready for this situation.Yes they have a plugin for this situation.

Actually Next of kin is a wordpress plugin which handles what happens after the blogger die.This plugin monitors your own visits to your wordpress website, and will send you a warning email after a number of weeks (of your choice) without a visit. If you fail to visit your blog even after that, the system will send a mail you wrote to whoever you choose to donate your blog after your death.The time-intervals and messages can be easily customized.

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