New features of mozilla firefox 3

1. New Download Manager: Firefox 3 now has a new download manager add-on that displays where the downloaded files coming from.

2. Auto-complete feature: While typing in letters or a website URL in the address bar, a pull down menu displays URLs with the favicon next to it. By clicking on it directs the user to the website URL. This speeds up navigation using the browser itself.

3. Bookmarking Button: This feature is similar to the Internet Explorer 7.0. By clicking on the star once saves it as a bookmark and a second click actually allows users to file and tag the bookmarks.

4. Malware Protection: A new Malware feature displays a warning when entering a web site that is known for intalling viruses, spyware, and malware. So this would be beneficial if you are fond of surfing new websites.

5. Single click website details: When clicking on the favicon next to the website URL on the address bar, Firefox 3 relocates users to see who owns the particular website.

6. Speed: The speed is faster. Firefox uses Cairo, an API that advances 2D drawing load-time.

download [mozilla firefox 3 ]

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