Now 11 digit mobile number for BSNL,MTNL users in india

Now BSNL,MTNL both are going to increase the digit size of your mobile phone number,its 10 now but they are increasing it upto 11 digits.According to them it is going to reduce the congestion in network and going to provide the better connectivity (If you are BSNL user then you must have experienced congestion) . The frequent failure of Chandigarh based BSNL server is mainly because of this congestion.

This is likely to be started in eastern UP circle first and they will just add a 0 after the first digit 9 e.g. if your number is like 94123..... then after this it will be 904123..... .Bsnl states that other mobile operators like Airtel,Vodafone ,Reliance,Tata,idea etc. will also be allowed to use this technology afterwards.

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