Browse internet without any web browser

Now you can open any website without any web browser in your system.Well this can help you when there is no web browser in your system.In some of companies and Institution Browser are uninstall from the computers so that their employees cannot browse any website. But now you can surf any website on that PC without any Browser.

Just follow these steps-

1. Open a notepad or Calculator or Paint anyone application in you pc.
2. Go to the Help section and Click Help Topics.
3. After the New Window Comes, Left Click on the icon in the top left corner.

4. Click on the Jump Url and write the web add of your fav site ( Full add with http:// ) there.

Now click Ok and Your site will open within a seconds.

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2:02 AM

super cool trick,i loced your blog n appreciate your effort


6:04 PM

Thanks very much :) explained it really good compared to the other sites that i was on

learned something new today :) plus i can now play BBC news videos or watch it live now hehe


5:14 PM

This will not work in windows 8


5:14 PM

It will not work in windows 8


5:15 PM

It will not work in Windows 8


3:40 PM

All very well, but the navigation to the URL using this method, must load something that actually decodes the HTML. Truely navigating without a browser would likely be doing it at a command prompt and using complex commands, but would not involve any graphics.
There must always be a decoder.

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