How to download full books from Google book in a single click

When we read or search books at Google Books then we found that it provides an easy way to search books and magazines that have been scanned by Google but there is a problem with that, the books and magazines can be viewed online but there is no direct way to download the whole book at the same time though it is possible to save the single page that is being displayed to the local computer but that would mean that it is available in html format with an extra folder for additional elements which is not really handy.

That can be very frustrating for user to save page by page foe downloading a whole book but now there is a better alternative for this.There is a software program Google Books Downloader that can be used to download parts or entire books in pdf format. The process requires some manual work on part of the user. Books and magazines are identified by an unique ID which is displayed in the address bar. That unique ID has to be copied and pasted into the software. Everything else is done automatically by the software. The program will scan all pages of the selected book or magazine and display all pages in its interface.

Each page can be selected for download separately which is useful if only selected parts of the book or magazine should be downloaded. The other option available is to download the full book or magazine right away to the local computer.

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